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  1. Not to rain on your parade Amy but I used your contractor and this company is terrible. Pm me if you guys want to know the reasons why
  2. It means I have existing wall tiles but just want to plaster over it instead of hacking the tiles.
  3. Hi guys anyone with good window contractors to recommend?
  4. Hi guys anyone knows how many metres of wire does a 4 room resale need to do rewiring? Cuz my electrician charges differently for wiring, instead of points, he charge by per metre wiring needed. What's the standard price for wiring per metre? Appreciate your kind assistance!
  5. Hi guys I'm new here doing renovation works. Just checking the prices, I'm quoted for kitchen cabinet 110 per foot run, tall cabinet 300pfr for a tall cabinet and 220 per foot run for my kitchen island cabinet. Can I check with you guys if it's normal?
  6. Hi guys have any of you plaster over wall tiles? Cuz I'm thinking of saving a bit for renovation and plastering over my kitchen wall tiles and painting over it
  7. Hi my id quoted 1850 minus the kitchen wall tiles. Haulage was another 600 I think. Pm if you need the contact
  8. Most of the broken marble comes from iPoh or langkawi. We were quite lucky to buy a resale w broken marble flooring. I try to ask the former owner where they get from?
  9. Hi guys what you think about IDs vs contractors? Have been shopping around and the quotes by ID are mainly on the high side. But cheaper in contractors. Does anyone has recommendations for contractors? Thanks!!!