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  1. Hi peeps, is it a must to consult the FSM before installin the partition???
  2. Need some opinion on how to create a divider in between the main door and the living roomm? Budget Budget Ones/
  3. Hi there toothy! Ur kitchen layout from ur pic is similar as mine! ...was wonderinf hw much did u spend on these cabinet? im budgeting for nw =)
  4. Hi Sanji37, i m interested ingetting quote from them too...dun mind can u PM me the quotes for me for reference?
  5. Hi....could i have the contact too? email to yellow_91@yahoo.com.sg
  6. Hi Jessie,.....may i noe *** you bought ur TVs from?
  7. Your quote sounds reasonable! dun mind to expose ur ID coy? hejejjeje
  8. Hi there! Its a veri nice design! Dont mind can u PM me roughly hw much does the reno cost for u?
  9. May I Noe ur ID name? so tat to make sure things wont happen...Also recommended by frd..Hmm shldnt be tat bad i guese....
  10. Hi Peeps. Am waiting for quotation from this coy...was wonderin if any of you have expereince dealing with them? Please share.... thanks
  11. hey peeps!! Any comments on this ID.? HEard that the quotations are quite reasonable as comparision to other ID... ANy one out there has used this?
  12. Hi hi!! I m interested in yr contracter! dun mind if you could provide me the contacts/details?? tia
  13. Hi hi....Hmm wats a PS photo.... hehe sry im quite a noob as a start..
  14. Tis sounds great.....i will go look out at those craft shops for it!! ....Hmmm i tink idun have studio pix yet..gt to wait for another year.... :S hehe Thanks for ur idea!! i shall use it for the AD
  15. Hi tere~~ Care to share any special ideas for guests to sign on......other then the Traditional Guest Books..... For Rom Reception Table.... Hmmm
  16. Hi HI.....hw much is the black flooring tiles...which contractor did u engage...its nice!!! pls pm me the details TIA
  17. hey hey......its a nice concept...hw muxh u spent ?
  18. Suggestion....buy now then regret later part in the event it GOES HIGHER ? sure vomit blood and DRIED UP ;(
  19. If for a 5I top floor,8 mins walk.. valuation at 330k and asking for 30k? is it veri ex?
  20. Wow~ Tats rather High =) thanks anyway!! i'ii go chk it out!
  21. Wonderin hows the resale market @ Yew Tee...10 mins walk away from MRT Station...if 235k + 22k Cash and high level..is it considered reasonable??