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Renovations for my condo

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:P Have been looking around for an ID for my condo. Any good recommendations? So far, most of the ID I've approached either "try to persuade me to knock here, dismantle there" or to the other extreme of "dun do this, no need to spend on this,"


If you don't know what you want, getting an ID is not the issue.


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I believe that you need to have some sort of BASIC idea of how you want your home to look like. E.g. do you like strong bold colours? Or pastel colours? Do you have a certain style you like/dislike?

I would recommend that you have a look at some ID magazines and flag out the ones you like. From there, you can then narrow down the IDs to speak to. Of course, speak to your friends who have used them because I strongly believe in the power of word of mouth. If they're that bad, people won't recommend them. Also, it's good to stick to what you want and not like the ID decorate the whole house for you. I mean, it's YOUR home, not theirs! Worst case is for them to design something that you don't actually like or feel comfortable with.

Above are just my personal opinion and I went through the same pain and stress. Actually, till now, we haven't even decided to go with an ID or a contractor because we basically know what we want. Still keeping options open :(


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Hi my name is johnson Lim From ( Zhiseng ID )

Zhi Seng has been established since 1996. We specialized in interior design, carpentry work and tiling work. We have a team of experienced and reliable workers (good workmanship), doing tiling work. Feel free to call me for a quotation.@ Hp : 8100 0701 or you can send me a email : zhiseng@singnet.com.sg. ATTN : Johnson Lim with your plan and requirement. for renovating your new home. You will be able to select all the various components ie tiles, fittings, grills, laminates for cupboard etc all at one go in our office.

Our own factory is able to custom made measure furniture and fittings to your satisfaction at reasonable prices. You can see for yourself the completed work of some of our recent projects at URL : http://www.zhiseng.com.sg.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards

Johnson Lim

HP 8100 0701

Email : zhiseng@singnet.com.sg

URL : http://www.zhiseng.com.sg

Hi Johnson,

Can you advise what is your cost for a basic package of renovation for 3 rooms apt (condo) with an estimated area of 1399 sq ft. It is a resale apt of 6 years old.


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Magazines are not the answer.

If you read my previous post, I did not say that magazines are the answer. I merely suggested that if home owners have no idea what they like, it's BEST if they can flip through some ID magazines to see what they like and not like. At least narrow down the ideas because if the home owners have ZERO ideas in terms of colour schemes, it'd be very difficult for the ID to design something that it satisfactory.

Above are my own experience. I am not affiliated to any ID companies. Of course, you can go to an ID and say, "here's my floor plan. Design something for me". And what you get may be the usual cookie-cutter standard designs. But if you're fine with that, that's ok too.

Really, to each his/her own. It's YOUR house. :sport-smiley-004:


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