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Hi Aaron,

Pls pm me the price for supply and installation c/w bracket for my two bedrooms:

1. Mitsubishi Electric system 2: SRK-ZJ

2. Panasonic inverter system 2

This is for resale 3 room flat. The existing stand alone air con is window type.



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Hi Aron,

Please kindly quote me for Mitsubishi Starmex system 3 Inverter (1 big/2 small units)


Daikin system 3 Inverter

Both to have included the cost of installation and brackets. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.




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Hi Aron,

Pls quote me for Mitsubishi starmex inventer system 3 & MHI inverter system 3 for 3 bed rooms plus installation and bracket.

you can email to unity58@hotmail.com



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Can you give me a quotation for

1. Mitsubishi Starmex System 4 (3x GE10VA, 1x GE18VA)

2. LG Artcool Platinum System 4 (3x 9k, 1x 18k)



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Hi Aron,

I'm planning to get a System 3 inverter but have yet to decide on the brand. Could you please quote me the following brands and specs?


a) Toshiba (Is this the only one with compressor still made in Japan? If there is any other, please quote me for that brand too)

b) Sharp (I'm interested in this brand due to the plasmacluster. I read earlier that you don't really recommend Sharp though. May I know why? Nevertheless, pls quote me for Sharp, as well as any other brand with ioniser that you would rather recommend and please let me know why you'd recommend that brand too.)

c) The brand you would personally recommend (and reasons please)


a) Class 0/1 Armaflex 1/2" insulation, copper gauge 22 (may I know where your copper piping is made)

b) Class 0/1 Armaflex 3/4" insulation, copper gauge 22 (do you think it's necessary to upgrade to 3/4"?)

c) 16mm PVC drainage pipe (where is this made)?

d) R410 refrigerant

If I seldom use 2 aircons and use one every day, do you think it's necessary for me to get an inverter or will the normal system do? I read that nowadays even non-inverters have 2 compressors. Would that be enough for energy saving purposes if I only use one every day?

I have an existing system 4. Can you dismantle for free and is there a trade-in value?

Pls email gini_chao@yahoo.com. Would be great if you could reply today as I'm hoping to settle my aircon this weekend.

Thank you so much for your time!

Edited by gini

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