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Hi Tim,

any promotions now for either inverter system 3 or inverter system 4? pls quote prices with installation, brackets etc.

mines a 5room HDB with 3 bedrooms & 1 study. about 127sqm. what would you recommend?



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are you from the same company as Aron?

can you quote me Mitsubishi Electric Starmex , Mitsubishi heavy industries and Panasonic eco-navi system 3 pls?




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Hi, Tim,


I have decided that the drain pipe should be 16mm and would consider having 2 sets of 2 in 1 system to balance up the load.

Please quote me the following system:

Mitsubishi Inverter System - MXY3A28VA (Outdoor unit) x2 / MSYGE10VA x 4

Panasonic Inverter System - CU-3S27MKZ (Outdoor Unit) x 2 / CSS9NKZW x 4

Include Armaflex 1/2 Inches Class 1 Insulation and 16mm PVC drain pipe.

Instead of copper pipe for the gas pipe, could you install aluminium pipe?

So I am using a 3 in 1 CU to drive 2 FCUs. Or should I use a 2 in 1 CU to drive 2 FCUs?

I could not decide whether to go with Mitsubishi or Panasonic system. Which country are these systems made in?

Thank You and Best Regards


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Hi Tim

Appreciate that you can provide quote on the following

Mitsubishi Electric Starmex System 3

Panasonic Eco-Navi System 3

- 16mm drain pipe

- Armaflex Class 1 insulation

Thank you.


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