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Our First Home At Cck

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On 17/04/2012 at 11:31 PM, kim76 said:


Tubing from 2nd bedroom (WIW) to common toilet. ID say he will hide the ugly box for me.


Tubing into the common toilet and into the master toilet. Drain tube ends here.


Tubing in master toilet


Tubing at air con ledge.

i cant view your photo, cant pm @ reginalee612@yahoo.com. thx


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My Philips ceiling lights starts failing. And I have problem with the T5 circular tube. Philips don't made them anymore.

They did recommend their Certalfux LED to replace the tube. I also saw some 3rd party LED that can replace the tube.

Still searching. To be continued.......


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I went Jalan Besar to look for LED lightings to replace the T5 tube. Found some, bought 3 sizes to try first.

Right is the big size. Left top is the small size. I installed medium in my toilet. See lowest photo.

The left bottom is the T5 tube that is no longer in production.



I remove all existing hooks and driver for the T5 and install the LED lights. 

Remember to buy those with magnets then it is really easy to install.



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20 hours ago, Lazyfatcat007 said:

Kim, totally out of topic... but the tide pods are not shipping to Sg alr! Am so hooked on them after your recommendation...

Oh yes.... My wife is so upset now that we can't order from Amazon.:bangwall:

I think I'm left with only half a tub. :~


15 hours ago, jaiyerika said:

Lots of educating topics here on this post. keep it up:wub:

U r welcome!


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