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Modern Cozy Home @ Greenleaf

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Can pm me your ID contact and company details? I will be getting my keys in about 2 months time. By the way your floor plan is same as mine..

Thanks & Regards...


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Can pm me your ID contact and company details? I will be getting my keys in about 2 months time. By the way your floor plan is same as mine..

Thanks & Regards...


Can share with me your ID contact and quotation ??

Thank you :)



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Status Update: Day 36 (02 June 2014)

Countertop UP! Now left my black glass backsplash & hob yet to install. The colour difference on floor tiles is due to the light shone by LED strips.

Just noticed that my wall tiles are uneven but its ok since i'm covering it with black glass.


Drawer inside a drawer.


My Bennington C600. Note that HDB got the piping wrongly labelled. The blue sticker should be red pipe & vice versa. =.=


My LED Strip hidden in there.



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Does Bennington C600 multi heater affects yr water pressure ?

Yes if both toilets are in use at the same time. Even if not using heater, the water pressure will be more or less affected when 2 toilets in use at same time. If you want good water pressure, storage tank heater will be a better choice for you.

Great pics.

Think you reno is gg to be completed soon, then it will be another milestone of furnishing

THanks Songz. My shopping for furnishings are almost done. Now is to wait for them to be delivered on 05 July!

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When will u be moving ? I am still waiting for my keys :( the garden, parks and other facilities all not up yet, so inconvenient if all barriers are not removed.. Feels gd when u see Reno getting into place and completing.


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Aspialle, most likely in july. Haha anxious to collect keys right? Hmm ya feels good to see the reno completing soon. But there are couple of things that didnt go according to what I initially expected. Some miscommunication in between.. Not easy to handle everything by myself with the ID.


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Our ID hunt was not a smooth sail.. Started our hunt quite early. About nearly 1 year earlier. We made rash decision and in the end wasted some money..

ID #1

Met him at one of the expo sales. Pretty nice chap. He was rather fast in replying messages.. Met him 2 weeks later from the first meeting with quotation, proposed floor plan, lighting plan & sketched design of our living room. But his quotation is not within our stated budget. He is rather pushy and keep asking us to pay a small amount of deposit $500 so that he can show us his 3D sketch. I find it is too early to commit anything and he was the first ID we've met. As time passes, our requirements changed along the way. Asked for a re-quote based on different items, promised to re-quote but no news from him since. So we dropped him.


This one is also thru expo sales. A young pretty lady. Not very experienced. Kept asking for what kind of ideas we have in mind. Then I only know that I want something modern but I am looking someone who can impress me with their designs. As I feel if I know exactly what I want, I wont be sourcing for IDs. I will be looking for contractors already. Didnt feel comfortable & safe to let her handle our project. Pushy lady. So we dropped her as well.


This ID was recommended by my colleague. Provided him with our requirements through email, whatapps & phone calls. During our first meeting, he showed us his quotation and is within our budget. Rather cheap.. I was running on fever that day and he was very pushy. When I stepped out of his office to buy something to drink, he immediately asked my hubby to sign the contract. Sadly for him, my hubby isnt the decision maker. But I dont like his yaya papaya attitude. I feel he is more of contractor than ID. His ideas are not impressive & boring. So dropped him too.


We walked into Ci****n during expo. This ID, Z** Z**g, approached us when we are browsing thru their showroom. Both of us fell in love with their carpentry. Woodgrain PVC internal carcass. Sat down and discuss. He introduced us with their package and pretty good deal if anyone is not changing any items in their package. Free OM sofa or dining table & Courts Vouchers in return for paying GST. There are alot of items that we had to change and some other VO. He promised that it will not be very expensive. And we had to pay a sum of deposit ($1288) to secure the package. We made a very rash decision to pay the deposit without doing any research on them. We are soooooo out of our minds. Totally regretted it. Everytime i asked something, he would say Dont worry. I will make nice nice for you. The full quotation amount is on higher side, slightly more than our budget but still manageable. Asked for discounts, and he say its already very cheap. =.=

After rounds of discussion & meeting at our new place, I find that he is not listening to my requirements and he tends to make us accept this way. For example: I want glass backsplash on both sides of my kitchen and he keeps insisting that it will be very ugly due to the switches & powerpoints. I find it worse if one side is glass and the other is HDB tiles. And many other things that we dont agree on. Everyone is saying that we must find ID/Contractor that you feel most comfortable with. He is definitely not the one. I have yet to reply him to tell him that Im going to forfeit my deposit.


He is my sis colleague cum best friends relative. Friendly guy. I provided him with my floor plan & an edited floor plan to show him what layout I prefer. (After meeting so many IDs, I have clearer idea of what I want for my home) I intend to integrate my hubbys bedside table into the wardrobe. I also sent him this drawing to show him.



During our 1st meeting at his showroom, he dont seem well prepared and he just simply print out my edited floor plan & the wardrobe which my hubby drew and used them to explain his quotation. Less professional I would say. And he is the only one that tells me that it would be better if we can buy BLUM products ourselves and they install it for us. In his quotation, he is charging us $1,200 for each room (Master bedroom, Living Room & Kitchen), so total of $3,600 just on blum. He did throw in mirror for dining area wall & some wallpapers. We shortlisted him cuz thinking since hes my sis best friends bro-in-law, 肥水不流外人田。Haha..


Also introduced by my sis friend. Highly recommended by her. And she said a lot of positive things about this ID. So I sent him my floor plan (empty one this time). I called him to tell him my requirements and arranged a meeting a week later. To my surprise, he is the only one that did not miss out anything in his quotation. The kitchen layout is correct and our thoughts are in the same track. I told him to design something for my ceiling as I dont want L Box but I can accept cove lightings. Hence his floorplan includes all the layout of the carpentry work etc and the lightings as well. He goes through the quotation item by item, showing us where it will be in our house, what kind of materials and concept he had in mind and showing us samples. He is very patient, detailed & experienced. I can be very longwinded and he slowly answered all my questions. He did tell us that his company dont do advertising like regular companies do. They only through word of mouth. This company is newly set up, less than a year. Kinda worries me if they will run away with my money not. Haha. He says its up to us whether we can trust & feel comfortable not.

I told him that we collected our keys 3 weeks ago and we have not completed checking our house and straightaway he ask whether we are free that coming Sunday. He came down to help us check the house even though we did not say we will be confirming him. Very nice of him right?

My hubby and I feel very comfortable and no troubles conveying our thoughts & wants. He will advise & improve them. And its like TADA! Hes the one I want to engage to build our home sweet home. Currently negotiating on the price then we will go ahead to sign the contract. God bless us.

Updated: Received this revised quotation and given us some discount. Happy that at least he's willing to give some discount. Will be signing the contract this week.


Recommended by neighbour from same project. Li***l & Ri***e (partners) from Abs****k. Mr. L inform us 12 mins before appt time that he will be late for meeting for 20mins. We already on the way to their showroom in yishun. We reached there on time and waited for 1 hour but hes not here yet. So I whatapps him that we will be leaving and we left. His partner Mr. R called me to apologise and ask to meet him anywhere we prefer. So we agree to meet him at our new place. Keep apologising to us, very polite young man. 2-3 years experience in this field. Quite disappointed with their design and their ceiling is just false ceiling & L box at tv area. Miscommunication between Mr. L & Mr. R as Mr. L didnt convey my requirements fully & correctly. My kitchen layout was wrong and many things are not included in the quotation. Mr. R asked us how we feel about their work, and I replied honestly that I dont like how they design my ceiling. I feel its too simple and someone is doing L box. I want something special. Straightaway he just ask what kind of design I want. (If I know, I will be hiring contractor instead. Sorry for being so picky XD) Waiting for ppl to impress me I guess.

I received their revised quotation yesterday. Due to their lateness, they gave us a $120 discount as compensation. Pricing wise, not very expensive. Acceptable range, cheaper than ID#6. Sadly I am more interested in ID#6s design.

And many other IDs

Sorry for being so long winded. And bear with my broken English.

Hi, can PM me the id6 contact?



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Status Update: Day 41 (07 June 2014)

Yontat Doors came for door installation. Our of 5 doors, we rejected 2 doors. Overall the workmanship is generally acceptable. After installation is complete, you have to be careful of wood splints, tiny bits of wood on the floor. Took him around 4-5 hours to install 5 doors up to frame (3 doors with lockset & door stopper - cuz other 2 doors have to take down and return back).



While he is installing the doors, i noticed 2 defects on 2 doors. The 2 "holes" are at eye level. When we feedback to the installer, he say it is caused by the machine. It is nothing, he said. And another had a dent and the laminate flipped up. He just push it down and say will glue it back. =.= But the hard fold line is sooo obvious. We called the office and this lady is very nice and agreed to change the 2 doors for us. So the installer had to uninstall the 2 affected doors.



Status Update: Day 42 (08 June 2014)

Hmm.. some glass works done on sunday. My tv feature wall glass is up! Kitchen glass door is also up but need to re-locate it so I didnt take pictures. One side of my kitchen backsplash is also up, yet to silicon. Once it's completed, will share the pictures. =D



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