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  1. Hi Yuooli9 How you find Alan's electrician ? I met him yesterday and I found him like not very experience . Alan have to remind him that bomb shelter and cant have power point on the wall when I told him I want to have 2 power points there....He cant give me gd suggestion etc ...
  2. HI Please share taobao link for the hands spray and double sided clock. Thanks
  3. Hi May I check what's the wood materials in all your cabinets ? Alan mentioned S3 , I don't know what's that. Thanks
  4. Hi You dun hv top cabinet for kitchen , is it a dish tray above your sink ? can help to take a closer pic and where u get it ? Also I see your shoes cabinet , how much does it costs ? my contractor quoted me $880 for 4ft. Thanks
  5. btw , how much is yr induction cooker ? thanks
  6. Yuooli9 Gd to hear from u again ... My reno gg to start with Alan soon ... juz that i find that some items of his prices are quite expensive ..... Carpentry guy is Ah Tan? I thought its ah Gui which bashful had used.... Can share your mirror cabinet link from taobao ? Thanks
  7. hi , can i check how much the the cabinet on top of the toilet bowl and the glass panel in the bathroom ? did u retain the exisiting basin ? Thanks
  8. Hi btw , can feedback how is Alan Tan from Aian ? Thanks
  9. hee , i kpo and found in taobao the toilet bowl cover http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=5437205082&ali_refid=a3_420434_1006:1102249311:N:%C2%ED%CD%B0%B8%C7:1859423c758f69c143f7118c9700912a&ali_trackid=1_1859423c758f69c143f7118c9700912a&spm=a230r.1.0.0.NArlPx
  10. Hi Any update on your house ? looking forward to see your lovely house pics. Thanks
  11. Hi Jez Cant pm u . Sorry to trouble u , can share with me your contractor contact? Thanks
  12. Hi Does Bennington C600 multi heater affects yr water pressure ?
  13. Hi Supermama Thanks for the reply on connectors , can u let me know the painter's contact ? Thanks
  14. Hi Lyamani May i know how much does yr foyer pebble costs ? Which supplier ? Thanks
  15. Hi hojichalatte May I know how much your 2 shower screens costs and which supplier ? Thanks