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Final Handover day has come. The final 10% will be held by me and if there's anything that I would want to touch up these few weeks, E is still gonna come back to touch them up. MUahahaha. Well, all the electrical appliances and furnitures are starting to come in at the same time.

55" Sony Android TV for such a small living room? Me and my wife didn't thought so, cuz at dining table also need to watch! :P 


Partition wall to hide all the messy tangling cables.


Where's all the wires for the MBR tv and power socket/CAT6 data point? Its just hidden right behind the tv, no partition wall no concealment no nothing, mystery solved.




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On 6/1/2017 at 11:22 AM, lynnnie said:

Hi, i saw that you install the vento fan. is the wind really powerful? I intend to install too. Please let me know. Thanks

it has 3 speeds. Speed 2 is already **** powerful and strong.


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Kudos to YJL Renovation Pte Ltd. After being "conned" by Doors Studios and "Ah Hai", I've engaged YJL for the supply and install of my walk-in wardrobe bi-fold door. They have surprised me by their sincerity as well as their promptness in completing my door supply and installation in less than 10 working days. And well, I'm impressed with what I see.


Dining table from Ikea (LISABO Series). Bench and chairs are from Comfort Design. Pendant light goes well with the dining set.


Ikea sofa (KARLSTAD series)


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On 4/20/2017 at 10:20 PM, Prideguy said:

Random spot-check today to see if the cons are eating snake.:dribble:

Tiling for washing machine and kitchen sink support half-done. Left with grouting. 



Living room TV partition wall progress check



Aircon box up all done, makes my ceiling looks more cramp but really bo bian... unless don't install aircon, which is impossible in SG!!! :angry:



Sealed-up existing door for the walk-in wardrobe.


can show the pic how the sink sit?
Thanks in advances


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Hitachi fridge and wash machine arrived. Kitchen all but completed.




MBR toilet also fully completed.


Fixed up the bomb-shelter rack as well, which is a MUST before you start moving in because you gonna need all the space to put your bulky items. Rack bought from Qoo10, adjustable legs to accommodate uneven floor level.


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On 7/3/2017 at 0:43 PM, JennyTan said:

Love your renovation. Am collecting my key soon. Do you mind sharing your contractor's contact and quote as well ? Thanks.

Pm-ed you.


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Hi lovely house u have done up! Tried to pm u but your inbox is full. Can share with me what's the code for your vinyl flooring? We are using click master too.


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