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I need help for second opinion on my quotation. Don't know to go ahead with this because is slightly of my budget but my gut feeling tells me this ID is able to execute what I want base on the past project they did.

Quotation for 4-room (92sqm)

1. Erect 2" H Kitchen Cabinet Base with cement plaster on top surface and tiles at the sides (Use spare tiles provided by HDB) : $600

2. Erect 2" H shower kerb at 2 baths (Use spare tiles provided by HDB) : $320

3. Purchase prepacked materials :$850

4. Upload materials and debris removal :$730

5. Supply and lay 60 x 60 cm homogenous tiles ($3/sqf) to living and 3 bedrooms flooring come with skirting: $8400

6. Install bronze alumni clear glass sliding window at yard without top hung (3tracks-3panels) :$700

7. Install 10mm thick clear tempered 1 fixed and 1 swing shower screen at master bath with hinges mounted to wall (wall to wall) :$560

8. Install 10mm thick s/blasted glass swing door at master bath entrance (s/blasted facing outside) standard size: $660

9. Install P/coat alumin acrylic panel PD door at common bath entrance (Selected pattern, standard size): $360

10. Construct Designer kitchen cabinet (Laminate with ABS edging inclusive soft closed hinges and draws with full extension tracks), Top and bottom 2.8m, include 2 tier stainless steel rack and frosted glass panel and cutlery tray. Installation of hood and hob: $3080

11. Fabricate kitchen island without cement base in laminate finish: 1.8m (w) x 0.8m (d) x 0.9m (h): $2000

12. Fabricate quartz worktop for kitchen cabinet and island: $2080

13. Fabricate sliding panel wardrobe at master room in laminate finish. (Come with internal fitting storage system) 2.2m: $2480

14. Fabricate queen size bed frame in laminate finish (1.5m (w) x 0.3m (h)) with storage on one side: $1800

15. Painting Nippon vinilex 5000 matt finish to internal wall and martex white to ceiling. Choice of 5 max colours and multiple trips: $1700

16. Chemical wash (if applicable) and general cleaning: $350

17. Laying protection sheets for affected areas: $300

18. Supply and install 3 veneer (Semi-core) door with round knob: $870 (Top up $40 each door for solid wood)

19. Plumbing (Labour charge only)

a. Sink/basin and tap x3 sets : $360

b. Bath accessories x 2 sets : $120

c. Spray gun and mini valve x 2 sets: $120

d. Extension of piping for sink :$60

e. Run exposed pipe after city gas: $360

f. Rainshower at master: $120

20. Electrical work: $1500 base cost (Any additional work will incur top up)

21. Design and space planning fees (Consultation, colour & material proposal, site supervision & coordination, perspective drawing for carpentry works, submission to HDB/BCA) :$1300

Total cost: $31660 (NETT)

Confirmation fee: $2000 (Can be deducted out from final amount) + 7%GST

Do help me and feel free to comment and advice how do I ask ID to lower the quote.

Thank you so much

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well, let me give u some advice, for all to see, instead of just pm-ing u.

1. normally if u deduct fridge, your base should left around 15ft +/-. $600 is too ex for this works.

2. again, shower kerb for 2 don't cost that much.

3.this is an extra cost.

4. this price normally is given by movers with company. non company movers will give a lower rate. but of cos, with company will be more careful of your things.

5. expensive, since item 3 also has some materials concerning with flooring

6. a bit ex.

7. still alright if its inclusive of grilles (though higher than market price by a bit, but they still need to earn , haggle price all depends on u)

8. a bit ex

9.ok, acceptable

10. I don't know how design is your designer cabinet, but at more than $160 per ft run, its expensive

11. ex

12. no comments as there are many variables to it




16. acceptable

17. ex

18.ok, acceptable

19. only (e) is questionable. what do u mean by run exposed pipe after city gas?

20. no comments as electric items not firm up yet.

21.$1300? to me, I don't think it cost so much. infact, if u go to a contractor, which I think he is able to do all the above items, u don't really need an ID. some more have 7% gst?? 31k gst is $2170, I think u should save up this gst money to get yourself an awesome TV or fridge.

verdict? way no due to many overprice items.



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1. Too expensive, mine cost $380 and ID purchase titles from HDB contractor, never use my spare tiles. 

2. Mine cost $120 for kerb in 1 bathroom, ID purchases tiles.

3. Purchase what prepacked materials, cement? Seem like double charge, cement should come with tiling. 

4. Haulage and debris removal, mine is $350 but I don't have tiles. Yours should not be much more than mine. 

5. 4rm living rm+ bedrooms should be around 700sqf. Your tiling cost 12psf is slightly high, if combined with item 3 then is expensive.

6. Expensive. Mine cost $580. 

10. Your cabinet is more than $160 pfr, expensive no doubt.

13. $350pfr for wardrobe, way too expensive.  Mine is $280pfr.

15. $1700 is expensive, mine $1480.


a. Mine $100 for 1 set, including removal of existing sink. 

b. Mine same price.

e. mine $280, yours expensive.

f. Mine free, treat as bathroom accessories. 

21. Mine free. This is extra fees. 


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