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  1. RnR quote me slightly more than 40k while W**ken quote me slightly more than 30k. But then the designer actually offer to call his boss up to give a discount if i confirm them on the spot which i was not prepared to so the price difference might be smaller after the discount though.
  2. I am quite sure it does not include flooring because the pictures clearly shown HDB typical flooring.
  3. Your carpentry seem very expensive. Wardrobe is 400pfr, display cabinet is 450pfr. Almost every item in your bathroom is expensive too.
  4. Tiling all lump together with no floor area so difficult to estimate. But if your house is around 1000sqf then price is a little high. wardrobe at $325 pfr is on the high side. Kitchen cabinet at $150+ pfr is on the high side.
  5. Tiling price ok. Carpentry price crazily high. TV console close to $200 pfr, mine is $150. Shoe cabinet is $400 pfr, mine is $320. Kitchen cabinet is $160 pfr, mine is $130. You need to ask for 20% discount in carpentry price before you can consider it.
  6. I have also ordered my sofa and paid in full before reading this thread. The sofa arrived but it's slightly different from what we wanted because we wanted a hybrid of 2 models but what it came in is just one of the model and miss out on the customisation. We complain and manage to get the salesperson Reanna to check, she check and confirm the order was put in correctly but item was not customised exactly as what we wanted so they will redo the sofa as we wanted and replace it when it's ready. So those who are buy from this company do need to be careful. They do mess up your order even when everything is written in black and white. But they do seem sincere in service recovery, I will update when I do receive the replacement as promised. The quality of the product is fine though, after using it for a week.
  7. This ID is expensive, some are absurd. 1. Kompacplus pricing is very close to solid surface, top up 10-20pfr is still ok. Your top up can already pay for the kompacplus itself, it's like they remove the solid surface for you for free... 2. Window grilles is double the price of norm. 3. The top up for internal PVC colour is very expensive too. At 280pfr, you can already get wardrobe with internal colour PVC, this ID still want to charge you 45pfr just for internal colour PVC.
  8. B) 1. Kitchen cabinet base is too expensive. Mine 13.5ft of base only $380. Yours is daylight robbery. 3. Mine also charge me $120 to do the sink and drainage installation. Your $650 is crazy. 4. Kitchen cabinet at $180 pfr is crazily expensive without even mentioning blum hinges and coloured internal PVC. Mine is $130 with coloured internal PVC and blum hinges. 5. Same as above, too expensive at $180pfr. 6. 13ft of quartz top for $150 pfr is expensive. Mine is $120pfr. 7&8. Glass door and panel? Mine quote me $680 for the tempered glass sliding door. C) 2. Shoe cabinet at 324 pfr is probably ok. I have a integrated settee and mirror, is about this price too. 3. TV console and feature wall at $500 pfr is expensive. Mine is $390 pfr. D) 2. $380pfr for pole system wardrobe. Go ikea and settle yourself. Mine is wardrobe with sliding doors and internal coloured PVC at $280 pfr. Your quotation is way too expensive, recommend you to look elsewhere.
  9. It depend on your ID and what are you doing, most can do it in 4-6 weeks. The most time consuming portion is actually the last part. After kitchen cabinet are up then can do measurement for quartz counter top, after countertop top is up then can do measurement for glass backsplash. That's will take close to 2 weeks already. So if you don't do glass backsplash then can save a lot of time.
  10. 1. Too expensive, mine cost $380 and ID purchase titles from HDB contractor, never use my spare tiles. 2. Mine cost $120 for kerb in 1 bathroom, ID purchases tiles. 3. Purchase what prepacked materials, cement? Seem like double charge, cement should come with tiling. 4. Haulage and debris removal, mine is $350 but I don't have tiles. Yours should not be much more than mine. 5. 4rm living rm+ bedrooms should be around 700sqf. Your tiling cost 12psf is slightly high, if combined with item 3 then is expensive. 6. Expensive. Mine cost $580. 10. Your cabinet is more than $160 pfr, expensive no doubt. 13. $350pfr for wardrobe, way too expensive. Mine is $280pfr. 15. $1700 is expensive, mine $1480. 19. a. Mine $100 for 1 set, including removal of existing sink. b. Mine same price. e. mine $280, yours expensive. f. Mine free, treat as bathroom accessories. 21. Mine free. This is extra fees.
  11. I went to R&R before. They are very expensive compared to the others, definitely charge a premium price. I am not impressed with their hard selling so I left.
  12. I have seen their quote on hwz, it's very expensive IMO. There are a few aircon guys here which have much more competitive quotes.