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Hey guys, I have benefited alot from this forum and its time for me to return the favor.

From the raving reviews of Ideal house(there are a ton of companies with similar names out there.), I decided to get a quotation from them.

Initially I wanted to give kenneth a call but another designer(Daniel) answered the phone that day. I was hesitant at first but am totally happy with his coordination, advice and ideas.

The positive stuff I experienced:

1. I had a dateline to meet and Daniel made sure things went smoothly.

2. He would be onsite to monitor progress and rectify any problems. ( I cannot emphasize how important this is. Although the design and instructions were given to carpenters/electricians they may not be able to carry out the exact design due to certain limitations and will have to tweak the design. )

3. His ideas were superb. Initially, we did not have a design in mind. That was till we bought a dining table and chairs. The entire house design then fell into place. Daniel formed the carpentry around the color and texture of the dining set. love it!

4. He provided Advice on textures that match, materials that last, feasiblity of ideas and how functional our ideas were.

5. There were no hard sales tactics involved. He would suggest cheaper alternatives if possible.

6. Minor requests could be done without extra costs. I asked for the false ceiling to be altered even after everything was completed. It was redone well.

7. Being in the electrical industry, I met first hand with the electricians and found them to be competent and skilled. The speed at which they installed the lights were unreal.

The negative things:

1. Of course, quality and reliability comes with a cost. Don't expect dirt cheap prices with this company. I got a quote from an ah beng contractor of $10k and ideal house quoted me for $14k. However, the comparision may not be fair as I do not know the exact materials use for the other company. But I rather pay a little more for reliability.

Here are some pictures of my house.






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Hello Everyone,

I've sent email to Ideal house for an appointment and Zack responded.Anyone have done up their house using Zack from ideal house? How was is services?Please contribute.

Thank you in advance.

We used Zack from Ideal House for my Reno! Hubby and i were both satisfied with his services! Introduced him to our friends also cos we were very pleased with him. LOL. Dont worry, you are in safe hands. :)

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Hi Khl,

PM-ed you kevin contact email .... you may contact him via email as he check email very regular ... don't feel comfortable to reveal the number in public without permission .... juz got mine done by him, hand over bef x'mas last year.


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hi sorry for asking stupid questions. but i really have no idea. in their website there is a elegance package at 11499. may i know does this amount only pay for the designer to design the house and then after that add money for the furnitures for the design.

or the package comes with the furniture in the design but if i want a better or different design, i have to top up?

how does it work?


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