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A Muji, Scandi-Minimalistic Inspired Home (4RM)

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Hello Renotalk,

This is my first post and first topic here after camping here at the forum for so long. Since we have gotten so much information from the forum, my fiancee and I decided to pen down our renovation process as we go on.

We will be getting our keys to our flat in 3 months time and are very very excited! Location is at eastwave canberra with the floor plan below.Snip20170504_3.png.6af014a4cdd6f25e978f9af4bfe2dcea.png

Mood Board as follows:


Basically we want to emulate home that looks very 'muji', with dark wood vinyl floors, light wood furniture and white walls.


We also like this alot, and will most likely hack away bedroom 3 walls to accomodate this idea so as to make the living room area look larger, of course, to stick with the muji theme, we will be doing the frame in white or light grey instead of black.


We also really like this idea gleaned from pikachuuu's very entertaining Tblog to have a seating area by the window as it looks really relaxing.


Open concept kitchen to enlarge the place as the flat is really small! color scheme will roughly follow this layout except the tiles.
I like the concept of a counter height dining table as i am left with little to no space on my kitchen counter hence i can do prep on my dining table as well.


This is something i have drawn as a sample layout for how the living space will look like using floorplanner.

Next up, we will be meeting a couple of IDs and contractors to talk about budget and feasibility of the ideas proposed. We are on a really tight budget while i think there alot of work to be done.

Which will include:

1. Hacking of the kitchen partition and bedroom 3 wall,
2. Building of glass frame for bedroom 3 and toilet's shower area
3. Laying of vinyl flooring for living, kitchen, and bedrooms (SBF flat no flooring. :( )
4.Carpentry works for the kitchen and bedrooms
4.1 Wardrobe
4.2 Window seat area
4.3 Bookshelf
4.4 Kitchen cabinets (top &bottom)
4.5 Foldable bed for bedroom 2
4.6 Dining table
5. Overlaying of tiles for toilet and kitchen walls
6. Painting
7. Electric and plumbing works
8. false ceiling for window seat area?

Anyone has a good contractor or ID to recommend?


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Looking for good contractors? Click here for your request

nice! our lay out quite similar except our kitchen longer :D

u can get contact from hwaa, his id pricing very good for resale! so i believe yours will be good too!



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2 hours ago, Zelda said:

PM you my contact :)

I am usually skeptical of 1 post member. Self promoting usually the case.


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On 1/24/2018 at 8:46 AM, pikachuuu said:

is your house reno completed? would love to see the seat area my wife never get to have HAHAHA

hahaha so bad. i also wanted the bay window.. but end up didnt make


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On ‎5‎/‎5‎/‎2017 at 3:21 PM, lamarzocco said:

I will still contact them just in case they are legit and good. must give them a chance also ma. :)

I signed up with renotalk and renotalk for quotations too. (are they any good?)

I get all my quotes from RenoTalk as well, and ended up with a ID that I really like. 
Their service are so much different from the others 


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On 05/02/2018 at 5:34 PM, Clarence Lye said:

hahaha so bad. i also wanted the bay window.. but end up didnt make

hahah price point really don’t make sense ma :P 

why u never do too?


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