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My Modern Zen 2-Room 35sqm (Type 1) HDB BTO Apartment Renovation Journey

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Blog Entry Date: 20th June 2017 Tuesday
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My First Obstacle...one of my ID left without informing me! Oh Dear...

Wow, so sorry folks.
Almost a month has just flew by since my last update.

Actually I have some good news and bad news.

Good News:
HDB finally updated my Key Collection Date and finally puts my PCD (Probable Completion Date)
at End August 2017 instead of the vague Q3 2017. So at least now I have an estimated date to look forward to.

I'm assuming i'll get my actual Key Collection Date at Early Sept 2017?
That's about 2 more months from now!! *excited* :D

Bad News:
Aida has left 96 Degree Designers.
While I understand people may join and leave an organization, i'm worried because I wasn't even updated about this.

On 1st June 2017, I was informed that I'll get my 3D Drawings in a week and from then on, I've heard nothing else from them, so I thought maybe they were busy and since I haven't even collected my keys, I wasn't in such a rush.

It was only today 20th June 2017 when I messaged them why the delay and ONLY did they tell me Aida left!:o While i've only 100% been conversing with Jason since the start, and Aida only doing admin stuffs, this still got me VERY WORRIED indeed! 

Only paid $500 deposit, already must push and push only to be known last minute that someone left the project. What will happen when I pay my first deposit? Will they keep me in silence again then suddenly AWOL on me? :o

People who have done Renovation before, I have a few questions:
Does this sort of issues happen often? Do IDs often walk out of projects they engage halfway in?
Do you think this is considered a warning flag?
Should I just let go of my $500 deposit and go through the process of finding another ID all over again?
Should I stick around and see how they react?
What would YOU do in my situation?
Am I over-thinking too much?

I guess my first challenge has finally begun....:(

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First look at the 3D Drawings from my ID! (Living Room excluded)

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Blog Entry Date: 23rd May 2017 Tuesday
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An RC Event I attended which showed for the first time how my apartment would look like!

Over the weekend I attended a HDB Roadshow that was basically a RC event to
familiarize everyone in my future estate on our future neighbourhood in Admiralty.

Interestingly, they also took actual onsite photos of apartments of people who chose OCS components for their apartment and displayed them as a slideshow. (This is very useful information because for the first time I can finally visualize how it actually looks like when my apartment is completed and this is good info to show my ID.)

I understand some people are not able to see the 3D design I have in my Planner 5D links, so I thought i'd capture screenshots of the 3D design and do a direct comparison shot between my 3D concept and the actual real thing.

Waddya'll think? :D





Living Room Area Shot 1:




Living Room Area Shot 2:












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My First Obstacle...one of my ID left without informing me! Oh Dear...

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Blog Entry Date: 18th May 2017 Thursday
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Selection of Laminates

Today I met up with Jason at the office for the choosing of Laminates.
(Laminates is this synthetic plastic "Skin" that is pasted onto a surface like cabinet)
(BTW, Aida wasn't around because she was down with a fever :(...Get well soon! :))

Again, to a layman like me, laminate is just laminate right?
Oh ... how very wrong again! :o

There are so MANY types of laminates, each with a different feel, different colour and texture.
And again, colour coordination and how light affects the laminate can make a whole different feel apparently.

Here are the pictures i've taken of just some of laminates available for selection.
Theres even books dedicated to nothing but laminate samples. See until blur liao. :blink:



Crazy huh?
Things that I thought is very simple to choose like tiles or laminates can be very overwhelming lol. Luckily Jason was very patient as usual and very enthusiastic to explain to me clearly how to select. Once again, as I am not very good at visualizing how the look would be, I left colour coordination to him.

After doing Tile Shopping and today's Laminate Selection, I realize because most of us have no prior experience in Interior Design colour coordination, alot of things are really left to the ID to help us decide because if we really one by one choose ourselves, really choose until cows come home also cannot choose finish LOL!! :D

Oh yea, remember I mentioned how impressed I was from his impromptu sketches
whenever we discussed about design elements and measurements? I wasn't kidding when i say he REALLY ENJOYS SKETCHING.

I managed to snap a couple of such sketches that he made. Sure, its not Leonardo Da Vinci standard, but I really love that whenever we meet up, his pencil almost never leaves his side and he's ready to sketch at any given moment to give me an immediate idea of what design and measurements he is proposing.

A simple plain piece of paper can literally become a MESSY BATTLEFIELD OF CRISS CROSS LINES in an instant! :D


That said, once again, because Jason can be so OVERWHELMING in his explanation and discussions, we couldn't quite finish our laminate selection even though we started at 4.30pm and ended at 7.30pm (close to 3 hours!) :o

Did manage to confirm laminate selection for my Bedroom and the countertop quartz look though (Sorry didn't manage to take pictures of the samples) :D

I'm still glad that progress is still being made though, and it has been another fruitful meetup.
Will probably be another arrangement to discuss about Laminates for the Kitchen and such.

Bonus Picture:

See lah, from discuss so long discuss until me super super hungry.  :blink:
Went back, passed by OneKM mall and decided to enjoy a Ramen Meal at Baikohken Ramen.
Tasted good, broth is rich and meaty but overall wasn't mind blowing though, but still pretty filling. LOL :D 

Aight, thats all for this entry, see ya'll in the next one! :yeah:

Click Here for the Next Blog Entry:
An RC Event I attended which showed for the first time how my apartment would look like!

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Blog Entry Date: 15th May 2017 Monday
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Tile Selection at Soon Bee Huat

Well this is the first time i'm meeting my ID for Tile Shopping.
And the place we are going to is Soon Bee Huat in Eunos.
Didn't take photo when I was there, so I grabbed a picture from the Internet to let you see how it looks like.

This place is basically TILES HEAVEN lol! :D
3 storeys of nothing but tiles, tiles and more tiles!

Before going with ID for tile selection however, I recommend going yourself first to reccee and
check out which tiles you might want first.

And it was a good idea to come here yourself before the ID takes you there, because once we were there, there was so many tiles to choose from, I suspect 2 hours would not even be enough.
So before ID brings you tile shopping, do your own homework and go there yourself to look thru the tiles to get a feel of what you fancy so you can show your ID what you think looks nice when the both of you are there.

Do take note there are some tiles sold there that has special remarks like:
("No Acid" meaning such tiles cannot even use detergent wash when u want to clean them,
or "Shade and Colour Variation" which means every tile has a different pattern and you cannot reliably predict how the overall look will be like)

Just for additional information, as I opted for OCS Component from HDB, most of my tiles are already laid by HDB. I'm looking for tiles to overlay both my Kitchen and Toilet because i want both of them to be a dark styled.

Because i've done my homework earlier, I showed Jason a couple of dark coloured tiles I had my eyes on, and when we were actually there, he would give his comments and most interestingly, he would take the tile and show me how it might look like under different lighting conditions.

This is something new to me, because as a layman, tile is just tile right? :huh:
But apparently in Interior Design, choosing a tile will also need to take into consideration how a tile may look like under different light conditions. A tile that may look nice in the afternoon, may suddenly not look nice during nighttime when lamp is shone upon them. :blink:

Anyway, after spending much time checking and choosing. (Actually I didn't choose much, because as a layman I'm not good at visualizing how nice a tile would LOOK like when its laid. My role in the trip is to FEEL the texture of the tiles i wanted.

Some basic criteria i needed from the textures of the tiles I want:
1) Flooring for the Kitchen is going to be mildly rough because if I do some deep frying and make the kitchen oily, it will not be as easy to slip and fall compared to a more smooth floor.

2) This next concept will be abit harder to explain. Because i'm opting for a dark area basically, i want the area to be dark, yet have tiles that can contrast nicely so that it would not feel too claustrophobic due to the dark style i choose.

3) The floor at the Wet area of the Toilet must be very rough. Sandpaper rough. :o 
I know this is a texture that not many people will want because of how unnaturally rough it feels and also how hard it may be to clean too.

I purposely chose a super rough texture for the wet area because of the many near misses and falls I've encountered while bathing in my current bathroom with smooth tiles lol. Safety first, so make it super rough all the way!! :D

So after selection, here are the tiles I've chosen: (Top 4 tiles are for my Toilet, and the bottom 2 tiles are for my Kitchen)


Yes i know what you're thinking.
Aiyoh....why all so ORR LUU LUU one right? LOL!! :D

Yea i also cannot visualize how they'll look when tiled, but Jason and Aida advised that they will incorporate them in their upcoming 3D design to let me have a look how it is going to be. So i'll have to leave it to their judgement. I'm also in no hurry actually because I've not yet gotten my keys yet, even if the colours aren't nice, i can still have time to reselect other tiles.

So yea tile selection went by in a flurry, once you've selected your tiles, Soon Bee Huat will give u a nice little baggie with a couple of sample tiles.

On my side, i've also touched up on my 3D Sketches after yet more design discussion with Jason, and the earlier links you visited are now obsolete. I've now made 2 versions. Hopefully these are the FINAL FINAL versions. I doubt so tho lol! :D

3D Sketch (ALL Furniture and Appliances)

3D Sketch (Furniture and Appliances REMOVED)

Oh yea while browsing around in Lazada, I found THE EXACT LAMP that i wanted for my BEDROOM!!!!! OMG!!! :wub::wub::wub:

Wow, but at $50 each, they aren't exactly cheap, :( but ..... MEH why not right? I went ahead checked with Jason about their dimensions, and once he says they are fine for the bedroom, i proceeded to buy them. I look forward to seeing them when they arrive!! :D

If anyone is interested in this sort of lamp, the link in Lazada is:
Price as of writing is S$48.25

Ahem. For folks who actually clicked on the Lazada link above,
you’ll probably find my bad review there for this lamp. LOL.
In case Lazada decides to delete away the bad review, I wrote:

“You would think for $50 a lamp, they would at least give a branded led lightbulb like Philips or Osram but no. The LED bulb u get is a no-brand Made in China product that didn’t even work when it was delivered and I had to buy separate replacement bulb myself.
While the product is good looking, the materials used isn’t worth $50. Don’t buy this unless you really like the look and have no other choices.”

I still stand by the review I’ve written.
And it seems that ever since I wrote that review, they dropped the price to $35.70 (as of 6th November 2017) At this price, its much more palatable then the close to $50 i initially bought. Although a further price drop would be even better. Still, only buy it if you really like the design and really can’t find such design anywhere else.


Phew! that was a whole lot that I wrote, I hope you enjoyed this blog entry.
Next up, i'm either going for Lighting Shopping with my ID or waiting for them to do my 3D Design which will take about 2 weeks.

Thanks for being patient and thanks for reading thru this whole wall of text.
:yeah:I'll see you in my next blog entry! :yeah:

Click Here for the Next Blog Entry:
Selection of Laminates 

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Blog Entry Date: 10th May 2017 Wednesday
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The Search for an Interior Designer for my Project begins...

With my 3D design sketch done, I am ready to look for IDs to help turn my vision into reality.
I set my budget between $16k to $18k initially but after checking with the various IDs, budget would need to be increased to about $25k+.

What I did was to send out request to quote via Renotalk and other renovation forums and I had a bunch of IDs calling me requesting for a meet up.

My basic requirements for ID Selection are:
Company MUST be registered in HDB's "Listing of Registered Renovation Contractors"
Company MUST have ZERO demerit points.

You can use this link by HDB to search if your Interior Designer has any Demerit Points:


To be fair, if the ID you like is NOT in the list, it doesn't automatically means that its a bad company. I made this requirement for peace of mind that at least the company i chose is a HDB-licensed company. Apparently to even qualify to be on the list, some sort of screening test is required by HDB and if they accumulate too many demerit points, they can have their HDB license suspended.


The Search Begins...

1. C from T**L****I*********
Status: Dropped
C's company isn't actually in the HDB List I mentioned but I chose to meet up because I found out that she has a personal Youtube page and even Art Page where she showcased her artworks. (I wanted an ID who has good artistic sense that can complement my 3D design. What better way than to find an ID, who is actually an Artist right?)

There was even a customer who had a very demanding request and a very punishing schedule
(Renovation can only be done if the Customer's Mom who was the one having dementia is not
around so as not to frighten her
) to design a dementia-friendly bathroom and she was able
to fulfill it which won praises from the customer's review of her. Impressive.

Sadly, when we met up, she didn't give me the impression that she was proud of her Youtube or Art webpages, and when I asked her more about the dementia friendly bathroom she designed, imagine my disappointment when she actually said "My company advise me not to take such projects anymore." 

At this point, i'm not sure if I want to hand over my project to her at all. While I learnt much from her during the meetup, she gives me the feeling that she's burnt out being an ID. Got her quotation 2 weeks after the 1st meetup though.

2. R from U****D*****H****
Status: Dropped
R is a soft spoken Malaysian guy who gave me the impression that he was previously a Contractor first before turning into an ID. While he did not give any new ideas apart from the 3D Design I made, he did have very constructive and practical knowledge of what can or cannot be done. Sadly, after our initial meetup, he seems to have disappeared and never replied even after 1 week later when I chased him for the quotation.

3. J from N**D*****
Status: Dropped
J was someone I had originally wanted to visit right from the start, because of many good reviews about her work in Renotalk and various other forums. There was this customer who had a very unusual request for a Victorian Gothic Black style which is not a style used often in HDB apartments, and it looked so lavish and impressive!

Because of how impressive it looked, even before submitting my request to quote to Renotalk to look for IDs, I actually personally emailed to her company and CCed to her. Unfortunately, she took 1 week to reply to my email, and while the meeting was a good one and I learnt much from her, she never got back to me again another 1 week after the meeting even though she said she would. Maybe she's too busy?

4. L from 3*I**********
Status: Dropped
L's company is large and have offices all over Singapore. While he sounded very polite, He didn't give me a good impression when he forgot the date/time of our meetup even when it was confirmed on Whatsapp. And when I did meet up with him, he was in the middle of attending to a customer and had me waiting for at least 20mins before he attended to me. When he did attend to me, he was completely unprepared and did not have the information I emailed to him prior and had to take more time to print everything.

At this point I really felt like leaving but I remained nevertheless, hearing what he had to say.
During the meeting, he gave me the impression he's more of a sales person and he was enthusiastic about saying he would get his quotation to me in about 2 days. Already had the intention to drop him which was well and good because I never heard anything from him even after 1 week later.

5. P from I*-E****
Status: Dropped
P's company is also a very large one, and they apparently have their own carpenters, electricians with their own huge workshop. Sadly, I didn't enjoy my time with him. He gave me the impression that he was designing a home for himself rather then for me. Even when I told him I would do some light-cooking in the kitchen (I enjoy cooking), he actually suggested me NOT to cook as cooking according to him is very troublesome. He even goes so far to recommend me to buy packet food instead. WTF??

Any design or technical question I asked during the meeting seemed to annoy him and give me the impression I was wasting his time. I suspect he probably has a few pre-made template designs and was probably using one of them. And I was probably right, because immediately the same night after the meeting, he emailed me his quotation. He will then constantly call me to pester me if i'm ready to sign with him. No thank you.

6. Jason Tan and Aida from 96 Degree Designers: 
Status: Selected
Originally, i was contacted by Aida for a meetup, and when i actually reached there, the person who met me was actually her manager Jason Tan. Aida was there only assisting Jason by taking notes and such. Jason is very meticulous about his work and throughout my discussions with him, I find him extremely knowledgeable and we click very well.

He does use alot of technical jargons however, and whenever I asked him to explain something, he would not hesitate to show off a photo or a drawing of the concept. Sometimes he gets so carried away and explains so much, it can be abit overwhelming lol!! :D Throughout our meetings, I can feel that he is very proud and passionate about his work.

In fact, what impresses me most about Jason, is that among the IDs I've met, he's the only one who actually always has a pencil ready to physically draw out a 3D sketch of anything we discussed. Looking at him draw is kindda fascinating tbh LOL!! :D 

Although I had to remind them 1 week after the 1st meetup for quotation, they were the only ID that requested me to go meet a second time to go over the quotation which I felt was quite sincere, instead of other IDs just emailing me a quote without requesting for 2nd meetup.

Haven't found any bad reviews about him on the Internet so far, and the only 1 bad review about the company wasn't aimed at him, and yet was personally handled by the company's director which I'm impressed that they have the integrity to not even delete bad reviews.

While the quotation price is kindda high, (6k for Bedroom!) I felt that handing the project to him was a right choice as I'd rather pay more to have peace of mind then pay less and keep having arguments with someone I don't click with.

Only time will tell if my decision was a right one.


From what I understand so far:
After paying $500 deposit and signing with them, they will take me Tile, Lighting, Furniture shopping, and 3D design concept would be produced which will be 90% accurate to how my future apartment is gonna look like. Well, i've paid my $500 deposit and signed with them and I hope all goes well.

Phew! Thats the end of my search for my ID, and I'll post more as I go along.
Wish me luck!! :D

Click Here for Next Blog Entry:
 Tile Selection at Soon Bee Huat

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Blog Entry Date: 9th May 2017 Tuesday
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HDB Floorplan and My 3D Design made with Planner 5D

My estate is Admiralty Grove located right next to Spectra Sec School in Woodlands.


To start things off, here is my floorplan as provided by HDB:

House Dimensions Scan.jpg

Here is the Proposed Layout as provided by HDB:


As you can see, this is a very small area and I need to focus my design on maximizing the space.
The theme I have chosen is Modern / Zen Minimalist. Main Colours will be Black and White.

Here are some preliminary elements that I have in mind:

1) Instead of having the Dining Table as shown by HDB's proposed design, I intend to have an integrated dining table in the kitchen instead. And where the Dining Table area used to be, would be a small office / computer corner.

2) I like the idea of Cove Lighting and would have a cove light in my Living Room.

3) Due to the lack of space, I would convert the Existing HDB Bomb Shelter and turn it into a "Walk-In Wardrobe" using modular pole systems.

4) I intend to go for an unconventional Dark Kitchen and Dark Bathroom to complement my style.

5) The sliding door between my Living Room and Bedroom will be removed to allow me to have a more open space.


Before going for ID selection, i figured i would want to do my homework first and sketch out
a general look so IDs would be clear on what I would want to do instead of having no idea at all when visiting them.

I highly recommend this Home Design application called "Planner 5D" as it is free to use.
(Sorry, Android Version. Not sure if there is an Apple Store version of this.)


You only need to pay if you want to add more furnitures to your design. I paid around $30 to unlock all furnitures. I like it that you can run the program on either your computer or smartphone, and if you need to show someone your 3D design, you can just give them a link and they can immediately open it up on their web browser or phone without the need to install any additional plug-ins or software.

It takes abit of practice to do it, but once you've done it, it makes it very easy to do space planning and furniture positioning.

Here is the link i've sketched out.
With the help of many forum members contributions and advices, the design is tweaked and re-tweaked.

3D Sketch (ALL Furniture and Appliances)

3D Sketch (Furniture and Appliances REMOVED)

I've tried my best to follow as closely as possible to the exact measurements given in my HDB floor plan, so the scale is probably 90%++ accurate as far as I know.

Please use either Firefox or Chrome for Optimal Experience.
(Once the page loads, it will be a 2D drawing as shown in the below image. You will need to click on the "3D" button on the right toolbar to load the 3D Virtual View. Use WASD keys to move around, scroll wheel to zoom in/out and hold left mouse button to look around.)


Click Here for the Next Blog Entry:
The Search for an Interior Designer for my Project begins...

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Blog Entry Date: 9th May 2017 Tuesday

An Introduction.
First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to check out my humble little blog,
and i'd like to take this opportunity to share my renovation journey with you. I hope the information
I put here may be useful to anyone (especially fellow 2 roomers) who is also starting on their renovation soon! :)

As of the time of writing, I have not yet gotten my keys and according to HDB it'll be around Q3 2017.
As time goes by, I will post whenever possible right from Concept 3D Design to ID selection up to Completion of Renovation.
Hopefully, everything goes smoothly. This is also my first time writing a blog so please be gentle with me! :D

Please note:
I've also made a backup of this blog on Wordpress incase this post is taken down by Renotalk for
any reason in the future. Other than a few slight formatting changes, the contents will be identical.
(This is also a preferred link if you prefer reading the blog from beginning to end with no interruptions.)

The Website is:

How to Use this Blog:

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use the Table of Contents to navigate because it shows the correct sequence of events, without needing to go thru
pages of comments to look for each Blog Entry. It is also easier for folks who want to instantly jump to which section they are more interested in.

Whenever you need to jump back to the Table of Contents, simply click on this link:
Click Here to go back to Page 1 - Table of Contents to instantly jump back to Page 1 of this Blog.
This link will be available at the Top and Bottom of every Blog Entry that I add.

Additional Addendum:
I have now added direct links to the next blog entry at the end of every post.
They look like this: (Click Here for the Next Blog Entry:)

Found it abit silly and unfair to request for readers to always go back to Table of Contents just to go to the next entry.
So sorry for the inconvenience, this blog should hopefully be less confusing and flow more smoothly. :P

Table of Contents:

01) HDB Floorplan and My 3D Design made with Planner 5D

02) The Search for an Interior Designer for my Project begins...

03) Tile Selection at Soon Bee Huat

04) Selection of Laminates

05) An RC Event I attended which showed for the first time how my apartment would look like!

06) My First Obstacle...one of my ID left without informing me! Oh Dear...

07) First look at the 3D Drawings from my ID! (Living Room excluded)

08) Voicing out my Concerns to ID, Schedule Check and some photos of selected Laminates and Quartztop

09) Revised 3D Drawings from ID (Living Room Included this time)

10) Pre-Key Collection Day!! What to prepare for Key Collection.

11) Key Collection Day!! Defect Checks and Buying all my Lightings!

12) Close Up Views of Kitchen Laundry Rack, Bedroom Sliding Door and Living Room DB Box.

13) 1 week after Key Collection. BSC Defect Rectification in progress, Laying of Aircon Piping

14) 2nd week after Key Collection. BSC Defect Repair done. Hacking away False Wall and Bathroom Door, Electrical Wiring and a BIG BILL SHOCK.

15) 3rd week after Key Collection. Electrical Wiring in Progress, Ceiling L-Box and Aircon Trunking Box-Up done. Tiling starts for the Bathroom and Kitchen.

16) The Hunt for a Modular Pole Wardrobe system and something to keep the Main Door from closing  

17) A quick update of Tiling done at the end of the 3rd Week.

4th week after Key Collection. Tiling completed, Important Milestone reached. A Prepping Week for the next Milestone.

19) My Mid-Renovation Review of my Interior Designer 

20) Kitchen / Bathroom Fittings Shopping at SaniQUO

21) Meeting with my Carpenter for Discussions

22) 5th week after Key Collection. Painting, Delivery of Lightings, Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings

23) Shopping for Furnitures and Electrical Appliances

24) 6th week after Key Collection. My Lightings are a Mess!!

25) A little Curtain Experiment - Part 1 / 3

26) A little Curtain Experiment - Part 2 / 3

27) End of 6th week after Key Collection. Lightings still being worked on, Bathroom Door is Replaced.

28) End of 7th week after Key Collection. Carpentry Works - Part 1 / 3

29) End of 7th week after Key Collection. Carpentry Works - Part 2 / 3

End of 7th week after Key Collection. Carpentry Works - Part 3 / 3

31) 8th Week after Key Collection - My_Quartz_Counter Tops are Up. Also Updated Schedule till End of Renovation

32) End of 8th Week after Key Collection – Glass Measurement, Plumbers installed Sanitary Fittings and More

33) End of 8th Week after Key Collection – Installed shelves for DB-Box, Solving Electrical Issues and a Special Look at the Completed Works so far!!

34) 9th Week after Key Collection - Ceiling Fan is Up

35) 9th Week after Key Collection - Electrical Issues are ALL FINALLY RESOLVED

36) 9th Week after Key Collection – Chemical Washing Done. Everything is SO CLEAN!!

37) End of 9th Week after Key Collection - Final Tasks: Aircon, Glass and Painting

38) Renovations Completed! – A Final Look just before Handover

39) Post Renovation – Furnitures and Appliances (Kitchen)

40) Post Renovation – Furnitures and Appliances (Living Room)

41) Post Renovation – Slidearm and HDB Bomb Shelter Walk-In Wardrobe

42) A little Curtain Experiment - Part 3 / 3

43) One Year Retrospective 1/5 - Walk-In Wardrobe

44) One Year Retrospective 2/5 - Kitchen

45) One Year Retrospective 3/5 - Bathroom 

46) One Year Retrospective 4/5 - Living Room

47) One Year Retrospective 5/5 - Bedroom

48) Epilogue

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