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Amp required for a 6000sqft house

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It's not the size / floor area that counts..

More importantly, what's your potential consumption??

Eg I have a pool, a pond, six blowers > 18k BTU, a home theatre room with large amps / subwoofers and many other electrical stuff and I am on a three phase 63A supply. No issues. 


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most landed houses will suffice on 3 phase 63A.

GCBs may require 3 phase 100A

if your existing house is a single phase 63A, your options are either to upgrade to 3 phase 63A, single phase 100A or 3 phase 100A

do note that for 3 phase 100A, it would require a LEW to perform a yearly inspection for your electrical installation

like what pete said, it's not the size of the house but what you need to use inside the house. I can have a 10,000 sqf 10 bedroom house but with just 1 small 40w light for each room, no aircon, no oven, no electrical cooker/hood and i'll be able to get by with a single phase 63A supply. but if you plan to use a lot of energy sucking appliances concurrently in the house, then you would most likely need a 3 phase 100A supply.


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Also do consider also whether you are planning for future electric car chargers. If you intend to have high capacity fast charging, it can easily take up 40A by itself per charger.

How many fridges? Type of A/C? Ducted versus wall mounted units. Multiple induction hobs? A/C will be on 24/7? Multiple fridges?

It all boils down to life style and habits, rather than simply floor area.


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