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  1. Reflect that to your contractor and ask him to fix properly for you.
  2. Hmm those that I highlighted in red I find it too costly. Either ask your ID /contractor to lower down or source for other ID. As for the carpentry works, its quite reasonable. May I ask why are you using 100% acrylic as solid top? Is it scratch resistant? Normal marble solid top can cost ard $80~$90, if its 12 foot run, 12 x $90 also $1080 only... Enlighten me if acrylic is better then marble. As for the layigng of homo tiles, gotta depend on your floor size, on the cheaper range, if you select tiles with $3 per square feet, adding of material cost and labour cost, per square feet will be ard $5, let say your lving room is 400 square feet, will only cost 2k + laying of skirting (usually less then $200).
  3. They sell Brownie at $25 per tray (ard 30cm x 15cm), and ice cream per pint at $7. The durain Ice cream at $7.90. Definately cheaper outside. They also sell breads, cakes (now got log cake for Christmas), meat, soups and sauces. The staff said if order from the website, free delivery above $50. But its still better to go for the free food sampling if not dunno wat to buy also. To New, Yeah food is good. Really got hotel standard. Hee Hee. When i went there at ard 4pm, not many people but those sampling food almost finish le.. their soup is nice, must try.
  4. I went i went, tasted lots of food, and brought Black & white Brownie, triple choc ice cream and durian ice cream. Thanks for your info New. : )
  5. Just to share, most of the quotes I received, the haulage fee range between 250 to 400.
  6. Hmm if you were to use pine, try to lacquer it. It wil give you a better finish and prevent termite attack.
  7. Bad Experience Check out the above web link and u will find why not many people sign up with them. I jus finished my reno with them...
  8. Just completed my reno with them. Bad experience. I engaged them because the offered one of the best price and the branch manager seem to me as friendly and honest. Told me upfront of all cost involved (will not have hidden cost). Tilings done are okay, but waterlogging in the kitchen. Did my sliding glass door wrongly as I requested to be 2 piece glasses yet they done it with 4 pieces, the price different is quite a lot. When I question them, they asked me to go and see the contract, it only stated 8 feet sliding door, never mentioned how many pieces. Then the boss told me if I have any unhappiness with them, I can go to court and let Judge to handle. This kind of atitude... this kind of project management. Visit My reno Blog about them...
  9. I'm using a granite sink also. But I dunno wat brand and how much, it was inclusive in my reno package. Its black with some sparkles. Easy to wash. So far no scratches yet. : )
  10. I'll share my experience when my house is handovered from my "ID" (maybe another 2 weeks time). At least your ID's boss was willing to retify the mistake done by the ID. In my case, the site co-ordinator (supposed to be an ID) made mistake (think he knew what I want but he did it on purpose to save money), I contacted the boss and he straight away ask me to refer every thing listed in the contract, if still not happy, he'll settle every thing in court. Noticed that there's no point discussing with them so I just accepted it (with no choice) and learnt this lesson. Jus read a post by weileong, Eight Signs Of A Good Contractor, all the first 7 signs of bad contractors are related to my ID company. The last one, signing of contract, the company used it to threaten me. Do you feel better now?
  11. Hmm its consider very expensive. Try to get more Ids or contractors to compare. Another cheaper way is to ask contractors to do all the domolition and tiling works, then ask carpentry (not the asme contractor that do your tilings) to do all your wood works. This will be alot cheaper but you really need to know what theme and design for your house.
  12. 15.5 ft granite top = $1300 ==> per ft is $83.87, its quite reasonable through if got it direct from factory can be ard $75. Normal kitchen cabinet gives you only 4 drawers (the rest are casement doors), additional cost will be charge if you want more drawers. What your contractor charge you are on slightly high side, maybe can ask them to lower a bit. Ask them to provide you with fully open type drawer runners and anti-slam hinge.
  13. Anti-slam hinge for blum is quite similar to those normal hinge, so can DIY. As for the runner, blum system uses different from normal ones. I've been to Hettich show room at Jurong. What they using is very similar to blum's and the price is similar also (Hettich is slightly cheaper). A set of smaller drawer cost $50, large one cost $70.
  14. Agree with zhiz, its totally over priced. There are forums on carpentry here. If interested, can pm me to get my carpentry also.