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  1. Hi there, Here is my personal experience with Evorich. Move choose to use Evorich HERF flooring for my Home Reno after seeing them demo how durable their product is and wow life time warranty! But now, after installing for about a year, I notice 2 deep scratch across 3 planks in 1 of my guest room! i called Evorich, and this is their reply “The floor is highly scratch resistant, it’s not scratch proof, no floor is scratch resistant!” I inform them that this is not what I was told before I bought the product and now the sale personal had left the company I do not have any form of proof. I ask so what does the lifetime warranty covers and can you issue me a black and white. No reply from them. They then told me that verbally it covers water damage etc but was unable to produce a official black and white. I was then told they could do a good will repair but need to charge me lumpsum of $180 help me change the damage planks with the extra planks I was given! Anyway just a word of advice, if u intend to buy from them, please consider properly and get a black and white on what type of damage is claimable for replacement.
  2. Hi there: Love how beautiful your place is. Could you kindly send me your ID's name and contact please? Thanks a lot
  3. Hi SleepyBeauty, I've only got 3 letters and 2 words for you & your place. OMG! SO SwEE! You've really got very good taste! I'm also intending to reno my place soon would you kindly share your quote and ID with me please? How is your review on your ID? Thanks
  4. That what I worry lor. Meaning if I just Reno kitchen and toilet, hack everything and use premix cement should also be around the same price as before cos all along they already using premix for these area liow. I'm now in delima cos my existing tiles have holes and the white pvc that connects the 2 tile to form a rounded surface all starts peeling liow. Tiler Seng, roughly how much would I save if I just do layover and not hack? U can reply me in my email I sent u. Thanks a lot😁
  5. Hi there tiler Seng, I know your are a superbusyman but could you kindly take a few minutes to elborate further on this new hdb ruling? Does the price increase only affect those who want hack and lay tiles and living room? Cos some are saying the excess cos would be only for dry area as they use the sand mix old method while wet area, tilers have always be using water proofing premix cement all along. (Correct me if I'm wrong) And what are the risk on overlaying? Sorry I'm quite confuse as I'm looking for contractors/I'd to fully Reno my 4a(1000squareft) and was really given many many different answer and many different quote(heaven and earth type) on the exact same Reno! U are well respected her so I hope u could share with us on this. Thx a million
  6. Hi Can PM me the contacts and quotation of? 1. Contractor 2. Vincent for blinds? Thank alot
  7. Hi Lucidacid: Firstly you've got your place really beautifully renovated! Would u mind sharing the contact of contractor A and Contractor J? Also the ID who's willing to do the feature brick wall from you. How much did it cost? Thanks a lot
  8. Hi Lynn, love your place. It's so beautiful. Your PM is full so I have to ask my questions here : May I know if you used an ID or just direct to contractor? Does he do carpentry works? May I also have the contacts for your sofa and gate? They were too cool to resist. Would you mind if I ask you how much your reno cost? Thanks a lot
  9. Hi Wilber, Can I check with you. Is the 6 layer grand fairmount softer then the 5 layers fairmount and the 4 layers? If not why? I've also notice that the center of the mattress tends to be firmer then the side/edge. Is this normal? Thanks a lot
  10. Hi Ivy, Could you send me the list of good & Bad FSM as well? Thanks
  11. Hi guys, a bit OT here... May I know if I engage contractor only without ID, must I give 3D drawings and isometric drawings with measurements? Cos I have ideas and photos of what I want but have returned all my technical drawing skill back to technical school le How about the electrical wiring and plastering? Sorry a Noob in this area. Thanks a lot