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  1. Hi Centrino, Just want to check if your faucets are working well so far? Am planning to order from them soon and would like some feedback from you again after months of using it! Many thanks!
  2. Hi Tim, Can u recommend and quote a system 4, and is there a system 5 available in the market? Also, do u happen to know if a old hdb flat with no aircon ledge can install 2 compressors? Electricity loading at my block has not been upgraded yet. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Jerome, Have SMS you for quote based on the following items. No response from you, so thought I would drop u a line here: 1) SHARP LC60LE630M 2) SHARP SJ-F75P 3) SHARP SJ-F70P 4) SAMSUNG RF62TBPN 5) RINNAI REH-50H 6) RINNAI RB-3Si 7) RINNAI RB3SS (GB) 8) RINNAI RH-991CT 9) SHARP AX-1100V Many thanks for your prompt reply.
  4. My experience with MHI Got ours fixed with a system 3 from Hong Tar less than 2 yes ago. Aircon was super cold as we are those that prefers to freeze to death than to sweat! All was good until around 3 months after the installation. We notice that there was some condensation droplets outside the trunking, called Hong Tar to come to check, they told us not to set blower to low but high instead, giving e reason that when set at low, the air is 'choked' thus causing the condensation. Ok, tried for a few weeks, but problem still persist. Called Hong Tar again and this time round, they so called gave double insulation to the piping. Things was fine for a couple of months, until the same issue of condensation occurs again. Called Hong Tar again and they didn't respond and it was irritating talking to them. They will give all sorts of excuses and will always claim to call back but in the end, u are always the one to have to call them back. I gave up cause I am going to re-renovate my place soon and will be replacing the current system with a system 4, which I believe I will be going for ME. My experience with MHI is not a bad one. It serves me so far so good, except that the degree of coldness kinda defers from room to room. My 3 bedrooms all sit in a row and I noted that the middle bed room is the coolest and air is strongest when the setting is set the same for all 3 rooms. My BAD experience is with Hong Tar, which I feel is not a responsible vendor! Avoid them if possible.
  5. We are a chinese family comprising of 3 adults, 1 toddler and 1 FDW looking for short term min. 2 bedrooms HDB flat rental in Yishun. Need the unit for 2 months from 20 July 2012 as we are embarking on our renovation works in our existing flat, also in Yishun. Willing to pay up to $2,500 per month. Any owners or if you know anyone that has a unit to let, please contact me at 9843-5577 or janet_ngtt@hotmail.com. Many thanks!
  6. Hi hi, By when must this be collected? Direct collection from Courts?
  7. Hi, Any kind souls has Angela or woodlands factory contact, can PM me? Also, can anyone lists out the differences between false ceiling/l-box and cove lighting and its characteristics, eg. for what kind of effect, use what kind of false ceiling etc. Many thanks in advance.
  8. My current place (kitchen + bathroom) is with cement screed walls and floor. Nice industrial and raw feel, but you got to live with the hairline cracks and initially, the floor tends to feel kinda sandy. My new renovation, i will be putting up tiles on the floor for the kitchen but not the walls. As for bathroom, i am tiling up both floor and wall. Just my 2 cents worth of opinion, if u want cement screed walls and floor, make sure the contractor does a good job! A nicely done one can look very smooth and gives you a nice effect.
  9. Hi, I am looking for main gate and also a simple nice door for my store room. Do you have anything to recommend and also the price? Do you have a website for the pictures?
  10. Hi Tim, Could you quote me based on system 4? I need this to cool 4 bedrooms. Also just to check, I am staying in a old HDB Exec Apt in Yishun. Can I install 2 compressors in my unit? My block has not been upgraded with the higher electrical loading yet. Thanks.
  11. I am too gonna be in the same situation as you, but I have a bigger load.... My spouse, daughter, mother and maid! Looking for a place to rent for 2 months... Share with me if u have fou d ur solution...
  12. I have gotten an initial quote from them. It is Sam Toh that is attending to me. So far, I feel that they are more a contractor than an ID as they don't have very brilliant ideas. My initial quote for my place, which is a 142Sqm is bat $43k, which I felt was on a high side, considering that I do not need to do any flooring for the entire house, except for the kitchen and bathrooms. But Sam seems like a rather responsible and sincere guy, hence I am getting him to requote a 2nd time, based on my drawings.
  13. Hi, can pm me your contractor details please? Many thanks....
  14. Same here! I am looking for a really creative ID as I am running a home business and needs to incorporate a business area into my flat. I have started my search since mid of 2011 and to date, I have briefed close to 10 if them, but most came back with either: - rubbish - incomplete layout, same layout as my current design - never bother to come back to me! As if my money is not money? - 100% overpriced when I give them budget of $40k, came back with $85k quote?? Really sick n tired of searching.... Anyone with good, creative, responsible and reasonable pricing IDs, please do recommend!
  15. Hi, my aircon died on me too. need the contacts urgently. thanks to PM me on email me the contacts at janet_ngtt@hotmail.com. Thanks!