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  1. Hi, Not sure if this is the right forum. For living room, thinking of either L-shape cove lighting, or just 1 stripe in front above TV feature wall. Would like to know how much "distance" (from the stripe) can 1 stripe of cove light cover. Thanks.
  2. Anyone knows the width of MSXYFJ10VE , MSXYFJ13VE , and MSXYFJ18VE ? I can only find the dimensions in the link below and I guess that is for MSXYFJ10VE http://coolworldaircon.com.sg/mitsubishi-starmex-aircon-promotion/ 923 x 250 x 305
  3. Hi posted in a thread but no reply. 1. What is the min thickness of false ceiling/lbox to put those slim led downlight (no cove light)? 3 inches possible? 2. Say min thickness is 4 inches, is it possible to install aircon unit below it without a "hole" in the false ceiling? If 4 inches must have hole, what about 3 inches? Thanks.
  4. Hi 1. What is the minimum thickness required for Lbox to put LED downlight? 2. Is it mandatory to have a "hole" in false ceiling/lbox for aircon unit in hdb living room? If the false ceiling/lbox is at the minimum thickness, can aircon unit be installed below it without a "hole" to accomodate it? Thanks.
  5. Hi, can provide quote for the following Refrigerator - LG GT-B3121PZ - LG GT-B4101PZ - LG GB-B5191PZ Washing machine - Samsung WW80H5400EW - LG F1409NPRW - Hitachi BD-W90XWV Thanks.
  6. Any more reviews on Singapore Carpentry? Do they also do other aspects of reno (3D drawing, electrical, plumbing, kerb and shower screen, etc)? I'm just doing a relatively simple reno with mostly carpentry and do not wish to pay marked up prices to ID. Thanks.
  7. Hi what is a reasonable rate to pay for carpentry today for - kitchen - wardrobe - study table / dressing table - top hung cabinet (those above study table kind) Thanks
  8. Hi can pm the contractor contact? Thanks. With the surge in requests i wonder if he is still able to provide quality service
  9. Thanks. For 5 ticks model, what is the difference between MSXYFJ10VE and MSXYFJ10VR, or one of them is a typo? For 5 ticks model, what are the available btu? 9k, 12k, 18k, 24k? If 5 ticks System 4, 3 x 9kbtu + 1 x 12kbtu (if there is), what is the price? Thanks.
  10. Hi, can provide quote for the following Crestar DC fans with option of light fitting to hold 2 x E27 bulbs? - Crestlite DC Polycarbonate Series - Starlite DC Polycarbonate Series What other ceiling fan do you recommend for DC motor, Light, low ceiling? Thanks.
  11. Hi Jerome, can provide quote for the following Refrigerator - LG GT-B3121PZ - LG GT-B4101PZ - LG GB-B5191PZ Washing machine - Samsung WW80H5400EW - LG F1409NPRW - Hitachi BD-W90XWV Thanks.
  12. Hi, Can provide me the quote for Mitsubishi Electric Starmex 5-ticks model for System 3 and 4 with the above upgrades? Also, if installation is in late Feb or early Mar 2016, any issue? Thank you.
  13. Any recommendations for Gas hob with SCHOTT glass, lifetime warranty for the glass, 70cm preferred, easy maintenance? Thanks.
  14. Hi,May I know if everything is good for you so far using the Rinnai RB-2GI hob?Do you know if there is lifetime warranty for the glass? From the specs, this model just has normal tempered glass and not Schott glass.Thank you.
  15. Hi looking for DC ceiling fan. Either with or without led. For hdb, low ceiling. Can pm me catalogue and price? Thanks.
  16. Which stainless steel grade is better? 304 is the most common right? What is 1 grade better, 316? Or which grade offers the most value for money?
  17. Is it deeper than the sinks we get locally? From picture it looks a bit deeper.
  18. Hi, 1. Where to shop for stainless steel 316 kitchen sink, bathroom accessories, etc? 2. How to verify that it is really 316? Thanks.
  19. http://www.ledazzled.com/index.php/led-down-lights Anyone has experience with ledazzled? The downlights look slim. The lumens seem overstated though.
  20. Hi, can PM me contact details of the famous J&E? And being a contractor, do you think it is a good idea to engage J&E if we are totally inexperienced and almost clueless on what we want? Would prefer someone who can guide us. Thanks.
  21. Hi sforshor, can PM me the source and contact for the LED downlights? Thanks! And I have a question for all. I noticed from many living room pictures here that there are easily at least 8 downlights. Compared to a traditional round tube of say 40W, doesn't the LED downlights consume more power? E.g. 8 x 7W = 56W. My current old home living room is powered by 2 x 20W E27 bulbs and it is bright enough already. I can't see the power savings of LED in the case of LED downlights. Please enlighten.
  22. Do you know about this? http://www.hdb.gov.sg/fi10/fi10329p.nsf/w/eSERSLatestSite4?OpenDocument
  23. Hi, any comments on AOX ? http://www.aoxantioxidantalkalinewater.com/#/filters/ Filter is 5 micron, followed by UV. I take it as bacteria and viruses still go through the filter, then killed by UV, meaning the water contains dead bacteria and viruses. Any downsides to drinking dead bacteria/viruses? Are there other brands which are not ionizer but use minerals? Thanks.