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  1. thanks makan! Been waiting a long time for it and it's finally here. tell me about it man, super impatient right now haha.
  2. Walk in Wardrobe Hello friends, I am very pleased to announce that a big piece of the puzzle has fit into place. Our wiw was finally set up today! There was a considerable wait not least because of the CNY break, plus they had to install the frame for the glass sliding door one week before the installation of everything else. Without further ado, here are the pictures. This is the view from the main bedroom. Now that there are glass doors in place, the whole place looks smaller, but the black tinted transparent glass doors do give some illusion of space. View of the sliding glass door when open to the side - the sliding mechanism seems quite smooth, and we have the option of moving the side panels if we want to as well. Right hand side of WIW - includes pigeon holes for tshirts, 2 wire baskets and 2 drawers. This is presumably my side of the WIW, but I have a feeling that I will have to give up some space to the missus in time! Left hand side of WIW - includes 4 pigeon holes, 1 pull out mirror and 4 drawers Reverse views of the WIW. Overall, quite pleased with the workmanship and finishing of the pole system. The vendor did a great job, though the waiting time could have been less. Nevertheless, the worker arrived on time to set up the system on both occasions, so no complaints there.
  3. xie xie!! well, that should be the case if all goes well. Been more than 2 months already so it'd better be close to completion haha congrats! That's one step closer then
  4. thanks Vincent! Actually have been quite a number of people who have just put up tracklights in their living room. There may still be some dark spots so it depends on how bright you want your space to be. For our WIW, we still have blind spots like in the middle of the room. That said, they are great if you want to focus on a feature wall or paintings etc. thanks bert! How's yours coming along. I see alot more activity around those few blocks around you more recently. haha oh yes indeed! still not fast enough for our liking though haha. The feeling that you're almost there but not quite there yet can actually sometimes be painful I must say. Still, happy with progress thus far. Hopefully everything will be done in the next 2 weeks. Pretty excited to see the progress of your reno as well. When will they be starting work?
  5. hi newlife, I did a wooden laminate panel wall but I'm not too sure if it's the same as what you're looking for. Can check out my t-blog for more info. Cheers
  6. what a beautiful fan, and you have a great selection of items that you bought from taobao. Well done! All the best for your reno
  7. oh when did yours start? Ours actually started on the 10th of December, so it's already been 2 months!
  8. Thanks harriette! I got it from Chan Huat Lighting along Balestier. Actually I switched to these from the ones that I got from taobao, cos the ones from taobao were flimsy and couldn't even work!! I wanted to put it in a separate post but since your question came up, here are some other views of the pools of light formed by the downlights:
  9. A little bit of this, a little bit of that So the CNY holiday period has since ended and the workers (and my ID) are finally back! Still, work is slower than I had hoped as the quartz top for the kitchen and bathroom is still not in yet, and therefore the electrical appliances, stove, hood and various sinks have yet to be installed. Urgh. We are however, expecting the quartz top and hopefully the glass backsplash to be installed within the next week or so. Doesn't seem like it's that far away, but the wait kindda sucks. Anyway, here are some of the things that have been installed recently. MBR Door - It hasn't been painted white yet, and it is still missing the right handle as they are trying to figure out how to install the dummy handle. The door opening into the MBR will be from the left. View of the gold coloured door handle - quite happy with the look, colour and feel of it. Our storage wingback bed - the wife chose this v pretty light blue colour for the wingback bed that we bought. It fits quite nicely with the charcoal wall and medium oak floors I think. Best part is that it is a storage bed as well! More lights - glad to see that the lights in the WIW and the remainder of the MBR lights are up! Looking real nice. The cove lights and twin recessed headlights are up! Very pleased with the mood it creates. Pardon the position of the bed, it's not where it's supposed to be yet (which is in the middle of the room) as we are waiting for some painting to be done.
  10. Hmm that depends on whether you can accept lor. For our ceiling height, when I raise my hands I can just about touch it, and I'm about 1.72 tall. I just measured and the height from the ceiling to the base of the fan is about 13 inches (33 cm). Do check and see if you are ok with it! =)
  11. the fan chio right? haha poison you. hi there alannn, our ceiling height is 2.8m. Haven't had a chance to measure the height of the fan. Will do that later and let you know. Cheers!
  12. I got the analog one so it came without remote. With remote I believe it's just a bit more expensive.
  13. hello myone181, we got it from Chan Huat along Balestier at $220 before GST. Haven't had a chance to test it out yet, but I'll let you and Songz know once I do. Get back to you!
  14. thanks jiawen! Btw, I just checked and found out there's a special price for the LG robot vacuum today - last 3 left at $629 http://list.qoo10.sg/item/LG-ELECTRONICS-NEW-LG-ROBOKING-VR6270LVM-DUAL/407269343 Just in case you're considering. Cheers!
  15. First off, a very happy CNY to one and all! Hope you didn't suffer too much damage as a result of giving out and pows Sorry for the late reply guys, been a busy coupla weeks for me and there has been nothing much happening on the renovation front! Hopefully work will start again today and be completed in about 2 weeks time * fingers crossed* you're welcome! I'm sure they have other coloured blinds but my wife was the one who met with the curtain lady and did all the choosing. She will bring the samples together with her when she meets you so not to worry. WIW will only be done this Friday bro hopefully it will turn out nicely! Will post pictures as soon as it is up. Haha thanks for replying for me mavicaste! unfortunately the house isn't ready yet for me to be able to test the 2 out, but request for review noted! hahah
  16. I would recommend Peeka, because they do check on your purchases when they arrive at Peeka's warehouse to ensure that it is in good condition and that the item delivered is correct. I don't think they are the cheapest around, but at least there is some peace of mind.
  17. Sorry to hear about your experience! In fact, I just did a quick search and found a fellow forummer who also complained about Silver River http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/62817-silver-river/ Looks like they do not believe in customer service. I will avoid!! Btw, I was very nervous about one of our purchases (TV console) with La Cafa, as I heard bad reviews about the group that owns it. Luckily, everything came on time and as ordered. Phew. Even though things turned out fine for me, I learnt that for EVERY purchase that you make, it's better to do research online first before committing to it, especially if it's not a small sum. On the positive side, your renovation is looking real good! I'm v envious of the standard of your carpentry. As for the bed legs, I think they are ok as well. Maybe give it a nice coat of paint or something? The brown doesn't do it any justice I feel.
  18. Very nice progress mellenur! I have the same ikea lights that you're using for your kitchen. Great choice and it really brings out the scandi feel.
  19. Really nice choice of lights! Hope it arrives in great condition. Are you using Peeka or another buyer? Btw, congrats on finally getting your keys! All the best with your reno and hope it goes smoothly.
  20. Yup! We didn't manage to see the frames until they were installed, so was very nervous to see how it turns out. It's better if your contractor's supplier can physically show you the sample, we didn't get that opportunity. It's always best to see, as you can visualize how it looks in your space. no la, haha. They have people coming in every now and then to install the blinds, but they will make appt with you beforehand.
  21. we waiting also haha! only ready middle of next month though, sigh thanks hojichalatte!! Our contractor used his own contact for this. I believe it was a JB company he used though I don't know what's their name called. Actually I would say our frames are on the thick side and I believe it can be even thinner (but thanks for the compliment!). Any aluminium frame maker should be able to custom it to your specifications. Your contractor should be able to advise bah Hello, here is the contact for our blinds and curtains - it's a Malaysian company, so 20-30% cheaper. Cheers Look for Serene @ 016-7600683 (JB Number)
  22. hahah guys, you all think too much lah. At least it's eye catching right? haha
  23. lion, this is a family friendly forum hahaha thanks bro, waiting for yours to come up now
  24. hmmm poor mellenur! Not everyone will like black and white for sure. I guess it's how you can convince them using pictures gleaned from the internet etc. There are some really nice ones on pinterest which are black and white scandi themed so maybe can use that to sway your hubby, haha. But ya la, if your contractor is more mainstream design minded who is more into the modern concept etc, will be difficult to persuade. At the end of the day though, it's your hubby that you will need to consult with, not the contractor haha. Pictures say a thousand words, so use those! If still don't like, see if you can come up with some sort of compromise lor. actually it won't be that big when we place our fridge and pantry shelf in it haha. The kitchen may look huge also because there is no service yard bah.
  25. Thanks! I will let you know once we use the rainex (or some other suitable substitute). I'm pretty sure this method has been used before so let's see if anyone else gives their input before that. Thanks alot Makanology! Oh is that what the tiles are called? Interesting name and I shall start calling them that from now. Totally agreed, no need to worry about corroding or spoilt parts. But there may be some excess splash from the shower so there will definitely be a need to wipe up some of the excess water, or put a bath mat just outside. As for the cost for construction, it should be cheaper than doing a full framed shower enclosure, but not super cheap also because the black alum frame is quite expensive to make too. hey marcel, we got ours from the link below: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5.w4002-1820923185.81.7vMXVN&id=15202397216 Do note that their 1 single listing contains 3 different types of lights (wall light, floor lamp and desk lamp) in 2 colours (black and white). Be sure to choose the right option. There are other shops selling this item as well, but I found this store to be the cheapest. gOOD LUCK! Hello AnW, we didn't get iquartz in the end cos we weren't too excited about the patterns/colours available. Ended up going for 3S quartz, a lesser known name. Hopefully the quality is good as well. Thanks for dropping by and for the support kelhy! Hey thanks for the lead bro! I'm wondering if I could go down to autobacs or some audio shop just to get some scraps for free or for a small sum lol. Do you think they'll entertain me??