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  1. Well, perhaps washing the floor of the corridor more often would help. Afterall, having a clean corridor is for the good of everyone. Unfortunately, you probably can't guarantee that the 'water' wouldn't be splashed on the laundry.
  2. FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, is a marketing or political strategy that has been 'created' by IBM many years ago but often recently associated with Microsoft. It has been used as a method of "disseminating negative (and vague) information on a competitor's product." In this case, FUD probably refers to the approach of the agent giving you specific information in order to sway your opinion and decision in the purchase of the property.
  3. For resale flats, HDB will only ensure that the HDB rules are not flouted. The flat is sold to you 'as-is' and unfortunately, it is your responsibility to ensure that the flat is in order before you take over. If I remember correctly, I receive a letter from HDB stating this. If you've already taken over your house, see if your ID can help you fix some of the issues that you encounter. If you're on good terms with the ID, he might be able to fix it and absorb the cost of the smaller items.
  4. Hey MaCe, Nice clock you have there. Can you let us know the address of the shop that you got your clock from? thanks!
  5. Seems like the GF has taken a bank loan. In this case, it might be possible to instruct the bank to deduct from a specific bank account instead of the CPF account.
  6. I just got http://www.ikea.com.sg/products/product_display.asp?id=2487 Quite sturdy and its one piece plastic chair with non-slip texture on the seat and back. Best of all, not very heavy but just enough so that it doesn't shift around. Check it out at IKEA loh. comes in white, green and ORANGE
  7. Wow.. the 'more people' trick. I thought that only happens during gang fights or angry meetings Anyway, oonik grl, there is no harm in listening to what your ID has to say and giving him an opportunity to explain how things are done. But do stand firm on what was agreed upon. If you need to be flexible, do ensure that the ID is also flexible to you as well (such things have to go both ways)
  8. Yeah. Time is $$$ and its not like just 1 botched delivery. Talk to them to see if they can make some compensation for you
  9. Had the same experience recently. My sofa fabric was torn on the way to my unit and they had to make a new cover. So now I have to wait again Realized you've been facing alot of sofa issue. Hope things get better! I was so tired that I didn't pay attention to the earlier post. At first I thought it was ICBC. I think I'm dealing too much with Chinese bank
  10. Yeah. Perhaps raincole can consider looking at the course outline as well as to provide more details to the kind of jobs (maybe from recruitment ads or job databases). Like ARCHer mentioned, there are many kinds of analysis work. Some have very specific requirements on the domain or skillsets which may not be acquired just by getting a paper qualification.
  11. Depending on how you want to do it, it may not causes new trunking. For example, if you currently have 1-2 at the preparation area, you can add 1-2 more points directly next to the current block. The electrician can drill a hole and extend the wire across. However, if you want to add points where there are no existing trunking, then its very likely you will have to create new trunking. I think contractor from electrical shops can do sufficiently well. Its your choice. I would typically base this on cost, but your contractor might know your house better. Alternatively, if your contractor don't mind, you can try dealing directly with the electrician that he uses. Might get you a better rate.
  12. I wonder if the 3M picture hangers would work or not. Might be worth a try on a similar weight frame to experiment. Then at least you can re-position your portraits every now and then without drilling and filling up the holes
  13. Maybe to save cost, his ID can just buy some fake ones. Then he can re-use Those plastic ones can look very nice when the picture is taken from far. hehe
  14. Cantona7's toilet look like 5 star hotel toilet. Don't spend so much time inside lei
  15. I live in the area for quite a long time What gave it away was the boarding up of the empty space. Anyway, nice reno Cantona7. I wonder if your Id brought the veg for the photoshoot