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  1. Hi Texas5,

    he did my first home which was a resale 4rm flat and i believed he had done a lot of hdb apartments throughout his many years of experience.

    The materials he used will definitely worth what i had paid him. And fyi he did my 2nd home as well.

    Feel free to give him a call ( 97655820 ) and meet him up so you can talk to him and get to know him better.

  2. hi ehbybot nice decor! can you help by sending me the name and contact of the contractor who did this? thanks! my email : snoopdyd@yahoo.com
  3. hi Sreejithb how about stain test and scratch test of quartz vs kompacplus..do you have any findings to share? thanks
  4. hi SCCC22, I went to his facebook to take a look. He does indeed seem to have his own design concept and is different from the usual ID companies that simply cut and paste designs. my concern is most pictures he uploaded on facebook are condos. im renovating a HDB 4rm resale flat. Would he interested in projects like that? Is he expensive? thanks!
  5. hi Pengxin, can you help by sending me the ID contact. thanks! snoopdyd@yahoo.com
  6. this is blk 220+ right? must have cost a bomb! but the location is really good so worth the buck. please try the beef noodle soup across the road. one of the best in SG!
  7. kelhy, you can try Comfort design at Eunos.
  8. hi lawrenceke, like your marble laminate feature wall very much! can u share which brand did your ID buy from? is the brand Jennings? also is it expensive compare to normal laminate? thanks!
  9. hi macuser77, would like to be frank..the brick feature wall is not well done. going by your furniture choices, i believe you are looking for something more rustic than this..now it look like lego clouds on the wall. This is not "subjective" as your contractor termed it . its a matter of skill. To be honest, it looks rather fake right now. Im hoping by telling you early, you can get your contractor to touch up on it. afterall, this guy is not cheap, if he want to charge higher, you should expect more right? regards.
  10. hi benauhc thanks for the reply. Im thinking of using herf as well. assuming you have done an overlay, im wondering whether you have some pics of your main door kerb? im concerned abt how the herf installation will look at the main door kerb and whether water(when hdb washes the void deck) can seep in between the old tiles and the herf? do u have any pics of that ? t
  11. hi benauhc, the commune leather sofa looks great with the durban oak floor. may i know its specs(length and depth)? how much did you pay for it ?
  12. hi zero, are u able to advice which ceiling fan model is suitable for my three bedrooms with hdb ceiling height : BR1 : 18 sqm(193 sqft) BR2 : 14.7sqm (158 sqft) BR3 : 13.7sqm(147sqft) are you able to advice how many inches i should go for? how much led wattage is necessary if the fan is the only light source? im only interested in those models with the round burger light. eg. FANCO F1 model or something similar please recommend and quote for the above. thanks!
  13. hi to all, im doing renovation in july and currently sourcing for contractor. im rather shocked by the prices ID and contractors quote for EM staircase railings. Im wondering has anyone tried direct sourcing for staircase work before? Im going for a simple design using mild steel as railing material but a ID told me will cost me close to 4k! That is quite ridiculous because mild steel is cheap..even government uses it for public areas. so would like to know whether anyone has contacts for contractor who specialises in metal works? thanks!
  14. hi bro, can you let me know your rate for elmark EL52 HHA? would like to buy 4 of them. do you have any other brand or model to recommend if im looking for ceiling fan with lights for hdb bedrooms? i prefer clean cut design...3 blades with a simple looking bulb. thanks!