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  1. Hi Any idea if that is do-able?? The bidet I'm referring to is like the Toto washlet type, ermm Algreen bidet kind. I forgot to buy that for the plumber the other time. Will it be easy to fix it ourselves ?
  2. my contractor say additional $90 for kitchen. how much is the market rate?
  3. Hi Do you happen to have any 1.5m track for sale? Mine from taobao got dented not sure if it's still safe to use or not
  4. Have you tried V at IMM? Their sofas cost more than Harvey Norman I think, but they have awesome fabric material, they're soooo comfy!! I have nv stepped into any shop and liked 2 sets of sofa at the same time! You can go take a look there!
  5. Hi anyone knows if this is universal? Can i just purchase it from Amazon and use it with any tv? I need something that can swivel coz my dining table is diagonally across my living room, thought it'll be quite useful, but is 55inch too big and heavy to rotate? I saw one from Courts and it cost $299.90, where else can i get it at a cheaper price? http://www.courts.com.sg/Products/PID-IP056981(Courts)/Home-Entertainment/Accessories/Brackets/VUEPOINT-32IN-TO-60IN-FULL-MOTION-ARM-EXTENSION-14IN-F180
  6. is Brandt a good choice? any idea which brands less than 1.5K have digital temperature setting?
  7. Hi any one seen Brandt FC1042XS anywhere ? was informed by Goh Ah Bee that stocks will only come in Oct
  8. i have the same concern too, will heat distribute evenly!? I've nv owned a built-in oven, its such a big investment. I finally decided on Brandt FC1042XS, price is steep for us ($1599) but I really like the rotisserie and digital temperature function, but unfortunately Goh Ah Bee told us stocks would only be here in October I went to Harvey norman at Robinsons and they don't even carry this model there, I still see it on Harvey Norman's website though. It seems like not many brands have the rotisserie function, I wonder if I put a whole chicken on a tray will it brown evenly? Any idea??
  9. Rainshower installed, but not connected to the gas heater yet, any idea if the pressure will maintain after connection ? It seems ok right now.
  10. i just bought mattress during taka member sale, i can't rave enough i had the taka dbs card sitting in my card forever, finally had the chance to use it for big purchases, i got 10% off and a 6% taka voucher! very happy with it! the salesperson told me taka sale is usually in may, oct, dec and jan
  11. anyone had problems with Serta's bedframe? I read one horror post on HWZ about the frame having termites or something. But that is just one single review. I bought serta's lower range during taka sale, it felt good and within my budget. honestly alot of mattresses feel the same to me, my current seahorse felt good too. lol~
  12. nice bedside table too! my frd bought alot of stuff from parisonline, you can browse abit there, hmmm but personally i won't pay for that kind of price since I use taobao too.
  13. Have you bought the sofa? It's really pretty! How much did you pay for it?
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    Red marker stains

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    Kitchen iQuartz

    Unknown stain on my iPure

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  16. saw some youtube videos and it looks pretty easy. we thought it'll be quite fun to DIY too. keeping our fingers crossed!
  17. hi, did you use a water storage for your rainshower? hows the pressure like?
  18. How to do it on mobile? Any idea which site allows us to upload from our mobile?
  19. Anybody have any idea where to buy cheapest Nippon Momento Paint?
  20. Thanks! I'm buying 9W * 9 for living area. Btw, anyone has a prob with taobao's lights not bright enough?? I'm buying LED down lights, LED ceiling lights from taobao and I'm abit worried!
  21. Anyone had problems with LED lights not bright enough?
  22. Agree with you actually My SIL bought white LED and they are extremely glaring, maybe too high watts ? I'm not sure... But they are are so white and glaring they looked abit blue already! She ended up not using them and only used her warm cove lights.
  23. hihi, is your square downlight the flat kind ?? which TB store did you buy it from?
  24. I have 12 downlights for my living area, space is about 5500 * 3870. Is 8W enough for that area? Would like to read on my sofa, I intend to buy 8 COOL, and 4 corners in WARM, these are 2 different switches, so I'm thinking of switching on WARM when watching movie in living room. But is 8 downlights with 8W sufficient for reading ?! I have dining lights and entrance light. Not too sure if the whole house will be dim or not :/
  25. any idea what does 三线轨道 means?? how many types of 线 are there? anyhow buy a 1.5m track can or not? are there such things as industrial or home use?