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  1. nvr try b4 but heard from my uncle like got a lil prob w warranty....
  2. Hi is this still available? I'm interested too, but out of curiosity, why is your dad switching to a hospital bed instead of sleeping on the maxcoil? are there warranty issues since its made in batam? but anyway, it's nice of you to give it away for free, do let me know if its still available.
  3. Hi may i know why you're selling this? has it sank after 3 years of using? still got warranty? thanks
  4. Hi, may i know e reason for selling this? understand maxcoil is made in batam, so is it cos of warranty issues? appreciate ur reply.
  5. Nice one on the mattress clearance! Let us know your review after a few nights in it! Was considering getting a Sealy but not sure about their titanium springs since I heard it’s not pure Ti…
  6. Looking lovely so far! Any review on your mattress yet? Was thinking about getting one Sealy too but was not convinced on their titanium springs since titanium is super expensive… Which model did you get? J
  7. Love the classy look! Really like the little accents and everything! Btw, I was wondering about the Maxcoil Masterpiece mattress, did they mention anything about warranty? Since the product is made in Indonesia I was wonder if I had problems with mine how..
  8. For sealy, I heard from a friend in the industry that they lie in their advertising. Is this true? They say that their mattress wires are made of titanium, but actually is less than 0.00001% leh. Titanium is very expensive, takes $10000 just to make a 100% titanium false tooth! Is the sealy mattress good? I think we should ask for certification for mattress maker's claims. Would help a lot to let us know what exactly is going into our mattress.
  9. Hahaha! I still think sealy is pretty suspicious though, especially on the titanium claims. Have tried one in showroom before, okay lah, but not fantastic. Definitely not worth the price they're asking for (4k)!
  10. WOW. magic koil is just a local singaporean brand and they can already screw up so bad...goodness knows what they will do with the overseas brands with more complex logistics.
  11. went to have a look at sealy...seems their titanium claims are kinda suspicious. The springs should be less than 0.01% titanium at the price! 100% titanium specs costs over tens of thousands of dollars. I think we should be more serious in demanding truthful claims from bedding companies. It is definitely safer buying from a company with high integrity.
  12. hey, are you still selling this? heard magic koil is a singapore brand despite the frenchy-sounding name.
  13. yes! maxcoil is a local SG brand and manufacture in indonesia, they're quite cheap
  14. I know right! titanium is very ex. I suspect they drastically cut down the titanium content in cheaper mattresses, probably to less than 0.01%. One day, maybe I can afford a top end mattress. hahaha.
  15. magic koil! one of our local, singaporean brands. oh, there's some discussion for windowmesh here: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/magic-seal-mosquito-window-panel-4540462.html