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  1. I almost wanted to take their service. Thanks for sharing. Finally, I take the digital lock directly from Samsung and it was a pleasant and smooth installation.
  2. Hi Like to check with you regarding the Samsung digital lock you installed. What is the space needed between the door and the gate? Thanks
  3. I urge you to write a complaint letter to the bank that you took the loan. Telling them that the banker had issued the checks to the contractor without your approval. Ask the bank to compensate your loses due to their mistakes.
  4. For me, I bought the cheaper LG direct drive washing machine, if it spoilt after few years, just buy another new one. No heart pain. My last LG lasted me 7 years before it started dancing.
  5. Did any of the mcb or elcb tripped? What did you reset to regain the power back?
  6. You can search from qoo10 search "miracle mildew" 99.9% removal at $6.90.
  7. There is one Korean brand paste that can easily remove the black mould. My bath room 18 years of black mould on the silicon also been removed. My wife bought from Qoo10.
  8. Hello Leon& Jenna, How is the feel of the vinyl flooring by bilrich? I intend to overlay with vinyl from bilrich. Does it have hollow feeling or noise? Thanks
  9. Hi alicethng Can pm me how much you paid for the main door and Yale digital lock. I am looking to replace my Hdb main door. Thank.
  10. It is caused by hanging wet laundry and for prolong period of times, the paint work consistently stay moist.
  11. Ask the owner how old is the aircon. If only few (3-4)years, keep it and call aircon agent to rectify the problems. If the aircon has used for more than 6 years, advise to replace a new one. Old aircon not energy efficient and need more maintenance.
  12. Just tell him that both of you don't have extra cash to buy a car. All the cash use up buy insurance policy already. Then tell him to be understanding.
  13. The sell has to remove the ceiling fan and inform Hdb inspector to check again. Let go of the illegal fan, there is a reason Hdb don't allow it to install for safety reason. Think safety for your family.
  14. You can use tooth paste to remove the rust and later use 3M to go over it. My Bosch dish washer and miele oven front stainless steel door also started to rust. And we use the above method, all the rust removed and rust free.
  15. I think the door frame is flaw. For Hdb main door frame, it come with the leaf part together with the door frame.