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  1. Hi! Could you kindly share your contact for the following please? 1) curtains 2) store room rack 3) post reno clean up Thank you very very much in advance.
  2. Hi sforshor Can you kindly share the contact for led lightings with me please? Thanks
  3. Hi Can quote bundle price for 1) fuijoh slm-900 2) Rinnai rb-2CI 1) fujioh slm-900 2) rinnai RB-2cg Bundle price for 3) Samsung 11 KG WA5700 Activ Dualwash WA11J5750SP/SP 4) Samsung RT46H5207SL Two-Door Refrigerator Individual pricing for 1) baron wc888 Do you also sell lightings? Looking for down lights. Thanks
  4. So... Sink arrived last week!
  5. Hello renozilla. Congrats on your new place and a very successful reno! I think you beat a lot of the IDs at space planning and even at design. How are your buys from BKK holding up? I am planning to purchase some furniture / pendant light housing from there as well. Was moving them back to Singapore very difficult? Thanks for sharing!
  6. After all the rave reviews and poisonous pictures, a 33" 60/40 undermount is on its way. Just placed the order on Monday night. ETA Friday night! -fingers crossed-
  7. Hi Chris Can quote mit starmex sys 3 & Daikin sys 3? Inverter units only. 3 x 9000btu. inclusive installation and stainless steel braket. Armaflex insulation 1/2" inch plus 3-4core wire. Thanks
  8. Hi What you could do is set the filter at the search to say only include items which can be shipped to Singapore. Then majority of the items displayed will be shipped to Singapore. welcome to the world of Amazon. Once in, it's very difficult to get out!! But your TB buys look even better! Good luck and cheers!
  9. Hi Freb Nice sofa. Can share where in Jb and how was the delivery made? Cost as well if possible please. Thank you very much in advance!
  10. Hi HRC. I hope that you find a better "iD" soon. This guy sounds dodgy and slippery. I am looking to reno my place as well and our layouts are identical! Except for the door at the balcony side. Question to ask. The cement base at the pipes in the toilets. My id said that they can't hack that as well. So to clarify what you are stating, hdb actually allows it to be hacked? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Jez. Think J&E has gotten a lot more popular since you started writing about them. So much so until they don't even have time to return my calls or smses. You should start collecting royalty or commission from them! Haha
  12. Anyone with experience with DESTYLE? Thanks in adv!