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  1. Hi may i know which laminate is this? Looks very much like veneer
  2. How's your reno coming along? So sorry i didn't get to reply your pm on my benches but your custom ones from 2nd charm looks pretty! Looking forward to see your completed abode
  3. C'mon! Whip out that digicam and showcase your home already!
  4. Wow that's a very nice touch!! Instantly up the whimsical look that you are creating.
  5. Looking good!! You guys posting your fully done up place?
  6. You do know that the 3 furniture shops that you have shopped has some way or another associated with Nathan Yong? Haha Either past or present
  7. My 2 cents in achieving 'the look' instantly is to have hardwood flooring, white walls and clean lines. Well designed furniture and lightings to accent the whole place! Good luck! Will be checking in to see how your place transforms
  8. Personally i feel space planning now is too early when you don't even know which type of 3 room you going to purchase. However, you can browse through and have a feel of what kind of design appeals to you, and color combination. There's the generic modern contemporary, resort, minimalist, modern mid-century (which is the flavor right now in renotalk's tblog), country. Find one that appeals to you. Keep the pics! Its much easier to talk to IDs or contractors when you have pictures to show them Good luck!
  9. Thanks! Guess i want to get a feel of prices so as not to be 'chop carrot'. Haha The link didn't really recommend at all other than the mysterious johnny. Guess i'll call a bunch of the plumbers off the list that hansgrohe gave me. Thanks again
  10. Fittings that came in are from G. Ferretti and there's some sort of strainer or filter that impedes the water flow. Can't stand it, the low volume of water makes you feel 'unclean' after shower. Rain shower rusted after 2 months of usage. Called up the developer and they changed it. But guess what, same problem now. Kitchen mixer is a joke too, water splashes everywhere. Fed up, so went out for retail therapy. Haha. So... Any plumber to recommend or you have unit cost for reference. Thanks in advance!!
  11. Just want to ask those who has bought Hansgrohe if they have any plumbers to recommend? I've just bought some to replace my existing fittings and would like to find a plumber to help me fix them. Or the approximate cost to replace and fix 1. 1x Bathroom tap 2. 1x Bathroom shower mixer 3. 1x Bathroom shower rod 4. 1x Attach shower head 5. 1x Kitchen mixer Many thanks ahead
  12. Gee... should have said they were Louis Poulsen's Ph5!! Haha Anyways went to nostraforma and looked abit and found the light that i liked. http://www.nostraforma.com/en/lightyears-concert-pendant-lamp-p-8551.html Hmm... if only you posted this earlier
  13. Neomesis blog led me here and have no regrets! Love the whole feel. Not sure how much you got your ph5 lights for but they are gorgeous. Had my eyes set on a similar set in the past too but its at danish design above lorgan's. They were going for 1k a pop so this didn't materialise. Haha Still can't believe you got the sofa from 2nd shop. What a find! Looking forward to pictures of your home
  14. sfk7


    Bro if the sofa bed is adjacent to the screen, wouldn't it be a chore enjoying your movies and such? Nice picture of the tree btw!
  15. Hmm, how big is the bedroom? If space constrained i would think the light colored one will be more suitable as you would not feel as 'closed in' as dark colors would. On the other hand, if size of space is good you'll get a cosier and classier feel to it as per above. My 2 cents
  16. Wow! Love the lounger at your balcony!! And al fresco dining? Nice touch!! And you're truly a chandelier person. How many are there exactly?? Haha Going crazy with the exclaimation marks cos its really a beautiful home you have!!
  17. And lastly, overview of kitchen Waiting for the GSS to change the pathetic kitchen mixer And our messy storeroom which was supposed to be a maid's room. How can they expect anyone to stay in such a small room? Alright, so i guess this will be my last update! Cheerios to all and good luck to your reno!
  18. More on the eubiq Cobra LED light which cost 40% of the total installation, or almost as much as the track and accessories But bringing much needed light to the countertop 'cos my electrician placed the LED lights in an area which don't need lighting critically. Some info on the eubiq. Initially we went to IT show thinking that there might be good deals over there. However, it was manned by part timers who don't even know their products and kept saying that everything is standard and cannot be customised. So off we went as we want something which fits in nicely and the staff there just do not know the products. Some time later, we called up eubiq and got to know one of their official distributor. They provided on site quotation and offered us all the solutions to our problems! Kudos to them, beats those part timers anytime and regained my confidence in the product!!
  19. Ah... I'm back! Sort of anyways. haha Ever since the upgrading of the forum deleted some of my current posts where I've list down furniture shops which are worth visiting, i lost the impetus to update. But I've sort of promised to show my kitchen so tada! here it is: Before Notice the unsightly electrical wire from the fridge going the front of the enclosure? That's because the stupid developer provided a hole too small for the plug to go through and i can't possibly cut the wire and patch it back. After Eubiq installation Ahh... Lifesaver! Everything looks so neat now
  20. Hi Timothy, its strong within its area under the fan which works out fine for my small living room. Hope its helps
  21. @jjames: er.. no? Bench top is made by cutting the Lagan kitchen countertop into half length wise. Legs are fabricated by my uncle and powdercoated. Table top is vika byske which they sold seperately when i purchased it. Not sure why its bundled as a table now. @defelio: Thanks for your compliments! Lamp is bought from grafunkt. Although i feel it can be assembled much cheaper if you're a diy person. Light socket and cable can be bought from hardware store or choo chiang. I think i saw similar one in ikea for 5 bucks, of course without the sleeve and the kind of bulb. Red cable sleeve or any other color can be found at sim lim tower basement where audiophile diyers buy for their speaker cables. Bulb i guess gotta go back to grafunkt which they sells replacement bulb for 25 bucks. Motto the furniture arm of project file has this kind of light too but their cable is the old school kind which is thin red and black wires. Sycamore fan is great for my small living room. No compliants even when the weather has turned real hot today. Elmark is the distributor. http://www.elmark.com.sg/index.html
  22. Cool designer chairs there! Cant wait to see your place fully renovated
  23. @alwayshappy: Thanks for the compliments, emailed you the quote. Speakers are totem arros available at audionote at adelphi. Anyway if you're really interested we can work something out Tolomeo light is from hock siong. @lesterleeth: Wow those legs sure look nice! If you're going for a grunge industrial look those will fit right in @neomesis: Thanks for your kind words. Been to your tblog and seen the mighty feature wall at the living room! If I have space i would love to have that too. Not in white tho in natural wood if have the budget or laminates that's really close to it. Ahhh... my scandi dream. @rottenramone: I think i know what you meant as my mum's previous place has them! Haha, don't think i will spend the money to overhaul the air con units though since they are brand new Didn't have the time to take pictures yet... Have other projects at hand. haha. Thanks for keeping this thread alive
  24. @Cutiecat Thanks! But overall area is still 95sqm inclusive of baywindows. So give and take... living room is kinda small @strikingreality: Yea, I've searched for posts on project file too and those posts are in 2008? Anyways, our ID has been very approachable, can't recall where she didn't return my call within a day if she missed it even when she's overseas. She had a project in KL while ours is undergoing but its no big deal cos she'll get someone to cover her. Issues were solved immediately and when she realised that I don't really like the electrician she did her best to smooth things over. Haha Price is definitely on the high side, but you can see their design prominently in the magazines. So if that's what you're looking for, then i feel they are worth the premium. Pm me your email and i'll forward you.
  25. @lesterleeth: ikea mate! half of this http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/00165374 lengthwise becomes the top for the bench. Vike byske for the table top http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/S19887283 they sold it seperately the last time for 199 not sure about now. What's VG&P canteen legs? Can't wait to see your finished product! @kattyho: hi there, been busy lately but i don't think i'm going to email you the quotation since you're going to sign with them anyway. I think they are very standard with their pricing and won't do anything funny. Their prices are going to be on the high side anyway but can rest assured about their quality. @Dr.Anarchy Thanks! Yea, kinda have an idea of what we want and shopped around for the best deal... haha @ne0mesis: Can I be so thick skinned and say its due to both input from me and the id? haha. Seriously hooked on scandi design so researched quite abit on that and how we can get the furniture/fittings that's affordable and inline with the whole theme. Sycamore fan is great for the small space that's the living room. On hot days it has to be on speed 3 (max) but its comfortable for everyone in that space. Will be showing the kitchen and the rest of the house when i get the time... but nothing much there as almost all the stuff is provided by the developer. Having the itch to change the kitchen mixer but that's what it is now... an itch. Gotten myself a new toy (camera) so will definitely take more shots!