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  1. hi fred i would said u have very good taste in choosing the laminates,eveything looks harmonious. mind to share the lmainate code for ur living cabinets n study table... for ur kitchen its good idea to have additional support for the sink.just for sharing i have requested to have additional support for the tray as well so no worries for the heavy plates n bowls...
  2. hi freb, ur carpentry is awesome!!!mind PM me the price of the carpentry per ft? ur ID got do small "business" as i intend to get one storage cabinet in my living rm...
  3. hi chiffon,mind to share or PM me the price of ur PD door as well as contact of the seller?
  4. hi chiffon, its the grey colour dragon cat,(龙猫?)may i request for the link? TIA:)
  5. hi xhomesweehomex u hse looks great. i like ur korea FT. how does it performed right now? how was the charging time and the effectiveness in cleaning?
  6. Hi freb, u bought alot fromTB. guess many ppl can draw inspiration from ur sharings. understand that u bought a 304 sink as well, mind do a review after u install it? what i researched was that 316sink is better against corrusion.
  7. hi chiffon like ur toys, may i ask where u bought them, TB? can share the links? TIA
  8. hi guojiawen, may i ask which TB agent u engaged? n r they good?TIA
  9. very informative, mind to share ur taobao links for the standing light+sink+tap!? TIA
  10. hi freb, for the opps can we choose the delivery date ? or they will decide and if unable to meet their date then we have to paid?
  11. hi, wyx sad to hear that ur ID is so irresponsible. Mind to PM the Company n ID so that can avoid them. thanks in advance:)
  12. hi harocarlo,enjoyed reading your posts, dont mind if u could share ur quotation?TIA