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  1. I'm also looking for a door like that.. Could you pm the contacts. Thanks
  2. Nice designs..was wondering if it's possible to keep the cost like yours if it's condo..
  3. Do share your contacts if you found any? Mine is also resale condo.. Finding a contractor to do up the place and limit to a Budget of 50k seems kind of impossible..
  4. Thanks JohnJohn for the indications. No in-laws..so it's just 2 person .. In a 3 room..gotten several quotes but all seems to hit 80k for a simple reno of just 2 rooms + 2 toilets and a kitchen.. *shrugs* Just thinking of getting multiple contractors to cut cost..lol..
  5. Dear fellow sisters and brothers, need some advices for my new place.. just realised contractor tends to charge more expensive cost if you're staying in a prime place.. Amended with pictures.
  6. Can help me your electrician contacts? Thanks.
  7. Can send me your contractor's number too ? Going to start renovation soon as needed a place soon. Appreciated.
  8. Can send me the contacts for J&E contact details as I need to start my renovation soon. Appreciate it..
  9. Hi girl, Do you mind giving me your carpentry's contact? You have such a lovely house Very beautifull....
  10. The tiles you used? The hello kitty link for household items. Thank you...
  11. Can pm the led distributer/rain shower too? Tried pm you, mailbox full.. Thanks...
  12. Does anyone have any contacts to build a small pond or small fountain effect? Thanks.