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  1. maybe you can try asking your MUA if she has any to loan you? cos during my prewedding photoshoot, my MUA is the one who provides the accessories. she has a BIG collection!
  2. i'm staying on 3rd floor for more than one month. no problem with that. i think there are many other attributes of a good unit. like, next door neighbours, outside view (blocked/unblocked), nearby source of noise (playground, basketball court kindergarten etc), facing mainroad/cross junctions, east/west sun ETC... i leave my curtains close most of the time and i dun/can't feel which floor i'm at so it doesn't bother me. surprisingly, there's no mosquitoes problem. but there're those teeny weeny flies which irritates me so much until i started burning lavender essential oil. the smell seems to keep them away. i still take the lift tho. keke.. lazy hor.... anyway, there's nothing to be regretful. buying a new house is a happy event. enjoy!!
  3. wow... everything free! my photos are also fully own by the BS now, for just 4 extra digital. sigh.... your fren's so lucky! but frankly speaking, singapore got not many places to go to. posing also those few poses only. should be the same one la. at least she can choose her own gowns rite? again, so lucky!
  4. heh heh... for me, house-warming is just to let ppl (frens n relatives) to see your new house. bcos ppl know you move house, so naturally they will want to know how your new house look like mah... i din do house warming tho. had a small gathering over cny and had red wine spilled on my white wall and floor, and my virgin mahjong table soaked in beer. cannot imagine if as many as 100 ppl come in a day.... keke...
  5. my mother taught me to hang the clothes immediately after the washing machine beeps. i also use softener for easier ironging. ironing is a breeze with my novita steamer. even business shirts also no problem. it only takes me 30 mins to iron one load of clothes.
  6. ya lo.... usually we take 1 hr to cook, 1 hr to eat (must eat slowly to make it worth), 1 hr to clean. total 3 hrs. so cannot cook every day.
  7. hiya hiya!! my internet is finally up!! after i got my own kitchen, i kinda enjoy cooking. best dish is terriyaki salmon. just buy salmon from ntuc, fry a bit then pour terriyaki sauce. the sauce is really nice. hehe... but the mopping n wiping n washing after cooking kills...
  8. keke... i have no problem cos i'm shorter than it. opps.... my hubby also has no problem cos he much much taller than it. keke..... it's not that ugly. after some time, our house will turn also ugly naturally by itself... haha...
  9. ****! i also rem seeing a wierd guy IN MY FLAT! wad audacity! the curtain guys were installing in my flat that day. me n hubby were in the flat also. then came this guy ( i forgot how he look like liao, cannot describe), just walk into my flat and put his hands in some rubbish boxes we left on the ground, while talking on the hp (dunno pretending or wad). he din manage to find anything cos all rubbish mah. but he realise me n hubby were noticing him liao. after he left, i ask the curtain ppl if that guy is their man, and they said NO!!!! wad a horrid ans! luckily nothing is taken..... so guys, be careful....
  10. my jimmy full length for MBR and living(double layer) costs 700+.
  11. mine is sycamore with black galaxy. will look nicer with milky solid top but i insist on adding some "hardness" to match my s/s fridge. haha... and also, i love granite too much to change it to solid top.
  12. shsss.... my reno cost is only a 4-digit number! but i cheated cos it doesn't include laminate flooring, lighting and wardrobe. even my house low floor and simple reno, but i'm loving it too!!
  13. yup yup, that's the one. we are paying extra 5% for assembly. cos my hubby lazy to move his hands.
  14. sorry leh, i dun rem the salesman's name. cos when we went back to the shop, we were served by another guy who quote us a much higher price. that's how we know the first guy quote us the contractor price. anyway, we manage to get back the first lower price. only rem he's a middle age guy(probably early 40s), quite tall, a bit bak bak, and quite neat looking. exact price i dun rem but it's ard 1.8k. bot < a couple of months ago bah. they did mention that the price is going to increase. oh ya, i went to imm branch, the one beside allbest.
  15. i bot the one from ikea, besta dunno wad series. delivering this sat. keke....
  16. i did mine with jimmy. not cheap for tailormade. the readymade i mentioned depends on fate. sell finish then dun have liao. u can ask them to lookout for u tho.
  17. simpleboi, wad do u mean by smudged paint? got pic to show?
  18. tailor made curtain not cheap one. cheapest is to use readymade curtain... but better to buy from those curtain shop, cos sometimes they use leftover material (good one) from other customers' tailormade and sew them into ready made. value for money!
  19. i got the same system as you from gain city. their price is lower than allbest leh, cos i think the nice guy gave us contractor price for no reason.... we still thot he bluff us.
  20. wow!! really??? they say other ppl they only give discounts for them to top up, no free photos... i should have known... these bridal studios are so ngiao and money minded... afterall, we paid for the photos to be taken (gown rental, make up, photography) with our own money. really should have asked for more things.
  21. bak gua! my mother alway had hide it away from us otherwise when guests come, they have no bak gua to eat liao.
  22. i din open n close many times leh. just normal use loh. reach there open windows, leave there close windows... but they loosen so easily. one of it can even rotate 360 degrees!! by my definition, wadever thing i'm not satisfied i'll report as a defect, including wadever stain there is. haha... my hubby kept saying "this one can clean one can clean one..." i told him if can clean, it's also they clean, not me. the pros have the tools and chemicals to clean. i only have detergent....
  23. don't worry, i submitted more than one sheet more than one time cos during reno, my contractor discover more defects. going to submit another one again. my window handles are easily loosen by the opening and closing. so cheapo one...
  24. i am so frustrated.... most of the big items we wanna buy from ikea are currently out of stock. even the vacuum cleaner we wanna buy is also out of stock. how to move over for cny? sigh....