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  1. Go Hafary see. I initially wanted to use real marble slabs for my feature wall but the cost of installation was prohibitive (more expensive than the marble itself). So I opted to use marble looking porcelain tiles from Italy instead. Much cheaper installation compared to marble. Looks good too. About $100 per square meter. Real marble will cost about $300 per square meter. My ID will be installing it next week. We are building a baffle wall so as to attach the tiles which are 1.2m x 0.6m each. My feature wall is 3m x 3m. Will also be running cables behind the baffle for t.v. etc.
  2. 1. Mine was built by the developer. As the height of the counter top was 1m+ and the top cabinets were taller as a result, plus those cabinet legs that I didn't prefer, I opted to demolish and rebuilt new cabinet and at the same time, add the concrete base. 2. No I did not do any technical stuff. My carpenters did the measuring and leveling etc. Yes, I believe they built a frame that was mounted to back wall and also resting it's weight on the concrete base.
  3. For tampoi shop, just open Google maps and type tampoi lighting center. Ultra easy to find.
  4. Actually it's drill many holes, then connect individual fiber optic lines to each hole. The lines terminate in a bunch where there is a light source and color wheel that spins to give different colors. Can buy from taobao. Not expensive to buy. Labour might be expensive. Have to ask false ceiling guy or electrician to do I guess.
  5. How about using Max bond? Another way is to build a wooden baffle wall and attach to the wall itself. Then the wooden plank design can be attached to the baffles. This way the design can be smooth and flat.
  6. I think the door can be removed as what TS said.
  7. I bought all my downlights and spot lights and also makeup table bulbs at tampoi. Very big store with huge selection. Only my chandelier I bought from taobao. Cause save a lot even compared to buying from Malaysia.
  8. Am I right to say that your total length required is 4.3m? That would be about 15ft of quartz? My id quoted me 180$ per foot run for the cheapest design, jet black. That would be about $2.7k Your quote definitely cheaper. May I ask which design of caesarstone your ID quote for?
  9. Quartz for me. Durability and less prone to scratches.
  10. My place came with kitchen cabinets that had legs and cover plate as well. But the cover plate was wooden so as to match the cabinets. As my parents place is old school kind, they have concrete base below. I preferred that so I tore down the original kitchen cabinets at my place and installed a concrete base for my kitchen cabinets to sit on. It all boils down to what you are comfortable with. As long as you don't splash water everywhere in kitchen when mopping floor then no concrete base should be okay.
  11. I think it depends on the weight requirements of the cabinet door? Mine is all blum. But consists of various types like drawer single extensions, pull out countertop full extension, larder box, and those that open upwards with a push. Some of my (non kitchen) full height cabinets have like 5 hinges (all blum) to properly hold the weight of the swing door. My ID said this is better than using less hinges because if too heavy, the door will be misaligned at the top due to too much weight. All in all, I really think it depends on the weight each hinge can carry. You have to check with your contractor the rationale behind using one hinge for each drawer door. Will take pictures when I can. My place still undergoing reno, now at carpentry stage with some doors and drawers installed already.
  12. I'm also thinking the same thing. I'm considering using quartz for table top material. Then it will be the same design as kitchen counter top. Its also harder tk scratch and can withstand some amount of heat. Can consider those lighter colors if you want minimalist style.