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  1. Hi, Can share how much you paid for the insect screen? And did you get this in Sin or from taobao? TIA
  2. Hi Can pm me the contractor for your factory granite top? Thanks
  3. Hi, Anyone got any contractor to recommend? Cos i need to do minor reno to my existing living room. Pls pm me if you have any to recommend. Thanks.
  4. Hi Kim, Your chairs look great. I'm also thinking of ordering office chairs for my place but have no ideas which agent i should be using to saved on the shipping costs. Cos most of my items i order from 65daigou. Do you mind sharing with me the agent which you are using and how do they charge for sea shipment? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I want to buy this office chair. But not sure which agent i should be using. Can the expert pls advise. Thanks. http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=2013.1.0.124.t8K0Ti&id=12205503368
  6. Hi Bro, can PM me the price for the ceiling fan and installation? And for the lightening, do you hv it in those 3 holder design? Tks.
  7. Hi D-San, I know 7 days furniture has this trade in policy if you buy your sofa from them.
  8. Hi ryooki, Your MBR sink is very unique. But for ur Master bathroom Mirror Cabinet is it off the shelves type or are you getting ur carpentary to do it for u? If it's off the shelve, may i know how much you pay for it, is it cheaper than getting carpenter to do it for us?
  9. Hi rehema83 May i know where you bought your console & furniture from? Cos i'm also looking for similiar console and might sharing how much u pay for it. Thanks.
  10. But what's the pricing like for their furnitures? I'm looking for a 3 seater L shape sofa, any ideas what's the price range like. Thanks.
  11. Hi, May i know what is the price range like for the sofa?
  12. Hi Clarencelu, Yap, i also encounter the same prob as you. Sometime when it started to spin and it does sound erratically loud. Me & hb though is the balancing of the fan tt is not install properly tt y got sound.. But anyway, this fan is really a headache for us as we install those round light kit and the greatest challege was changing the light bulks as we have prob with removing the light kit cover. And the blade has turn rusty too..haizz.. So now thinking of changing all the ceiling fans.. Bro, Thanks for your advise. May i know if you've any comments or feedback on Alpha ceiling fan? And do you mind sharing your lobangs with me too? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi Bro, There're so many different type of materials for the fans. May i know which brand or material type is the best? Cos currently, mine is Elmark LMD 15 for my living & rooms but i find it not very windy. Thanks.
  14. Hi forkie, May i know how much you paid for the sofa?