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  1. Is my opinion is right, that furniture is one of the rules in determining the beauty of home decor? Antique furniture one of the things that can improve the image of your home. Why did it happen? Check the following picture. :jammin:
  2. IKEA Coffee table Model : VITTSJO URL: http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/00213313/ Current price : $59 IKEA MUDDUS drop leaf table Model : MUDDUS URL: http://www.p4c.philips.com/cgi-bin/dcbint/cpindex.pl?ctn=42PFL7603/98&scy=sg&slg=en Purchased : Jun 2013 Current price : $69 Terms : - Cash only - Self pick up Contact: Krish: 90666901
  3. IKEA High back arm chair Model : Nolbyn High back arm chair black. With footstool URL: http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/50233605/#/80233604 Purchased : Jun 2013 Current price : $89/chair $20/footstool Quantity : 2 chairs with one footstool Terms : - Cash only - Self pickup Contact: Krish : 90666901
  4. IKEA Billy Bookcase Model : Billy white Size : 202cm x 80cm x 28cm URL: http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/80180101/ Purchased : Apr 2009 Quantity : 3 Current price : $79 /ea Terms : - Cash only - Self pickup - Available on / after 08-Apr-2014 Contact : Krish : 9066-6901
  5. L-Shaped Sofa (DISPLAY SET) - ON SALE @ $900 Description: Colour: Black Material: PVC, Chrome Condition: Display Set Remark: Sofa is make up of 3 section of sofa. Delivery charges apply if require. For any enquires, feel free to contact me at 9222 8275. Thank you!
  6. Moving out sale at Yishun : - Sofa set : brown leather 3+2 seater with coffee table ($200) - Dining table set : Wooden table + 6 leather chairs + pantry cabinet ($250) - Display cabinet : Cabinet with TV display and glass cabinets with light fittings and storage($300) - Study Table : Custom made with drawer ($75) - Wardrobe cabinet : 2 cabinets (75x30 inches each) ($100) - Samsung fridge 464litres Silver nano double door top freezer ($350) - Sharp microwave oven with double grill and convention oven : ($200) Pls email to engee_06@yahoo.com for further info...cash & carry from Yishun ..can assist with delivery if required, for additional charges. Price negotiable
  7. Please do not be a victim of this company BSA Renovation Sdn Bhd (1072849-K) which the boss is called Ah Sheng. 96468805 singapore number or 17028840269 malaysia number. Apparently he has a local singapore business partner called Mr Sim dont know which company. the situation is like this: we were introduced to this carpenter by our ID and to begin with, he seems a nice person and promise us quality work and a reasonable quotation for it so we agreed. so reno kicked in and the progress was quite slow and work was only 90% completed right up to CNY. During this phrase, we noted that the work was really not as per what was mentioned and agreed and ah sheng got very defensive and his tone change with millions of excuses. He then rushed us for the remaining 50% payment which we refused due to incomplete and unsatisfactory work. Then he went on to threaten by saying he will tear down all if we do not make payment. so naively we agreed and he mentioned that the will complete the remaining works after CNY. We got a discount for some of the defects. He kept calling us daily chasing for payment and however, once we made the payment, he disappeared. Called him and he mentioned he is not going to do it as it was not part of the agreement and started denying everything. send him email and he act blur, call him and he say to ask us to find our ID. before that was telling us that he can be trusted etc. bottom line is dont bother working with this company as we heard from our ID that this company has also quite a few complains by her clients recently of such incidents.
  8. Hello to all Renotalkers! Greeting from a girl who simply love home decoration and renovation, learn and share some DIY tips with the others. Having read on so many sharing from other Renotalkers, I decided to share some of my little tips in this t-blogs as well. Hope everyone will enjoy reading it and please do feel free to share you ideas / thoughts here too! Here come's the first piece of my sharing... <Mirror mirror on the wall...> Mirrors are some of the most versatile items used in interior decorating, and when they are employed tastefully and creatively they can really transform the appearance of a room. There is a wide variety of mirrors of all shapes and sizes, so you will have choice whatever your budget and preferred aesthetic. With a little ingenuity, there are a number of ways you can use mirrors to give your house a new look. Enlarge a Room A wide mirror can work wonders to enhance the appearance of a room to make it appear more spacious. Hang a wide mirror high up on the wall by the dining table or in the living room, reflecting the interior and making it appear twice as large as it really is. Soften Corners If you have sharp corners in the house, whether due to the shape of your rooms or angular furniture, mirrors can help to soften them. For instance, positioning a round mirror above an angular coffee table can soften otherwise harsh lines considerably. Underscore Your Theme Mirrors come in all sorts of frames, and well-chosen frames can help to underscore your theme and create the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. If you want your interior to look rustic and inviting, mirrors in wooden frames can add to the warmth of your colour palette. You can even purchase or make your own frames to house your mirrors in. Experiment with Shapes Since mirrors come in every conceivable shape, from round or oval to angular or oblong, you can experiment with shapes to enhance the appearance of your space. For instance, if your space is very modern, a combination of oblong-shaped mirrors can contribute to the futuristic atmosphere. Combine Several Mirrors Use several mirrors in tandem to transform your wall space. Just as picture frames can be combined to produce elaborate wall-scapes, several mirrors can be grouped together to form a reflective collage. Hang Mirrors Alongside Picture Frames If you already have picture frames on the walls, mirrors can be interspersed amongst them to fill up space and to add completeness to an existing collage of picture frames. Match the frames of your mirror with your picture frames so they blend in seamlessly. Use Reflections Strategically Your mirrors should not be thought of merely as ornaments for the walls. You should also consider what is being reflected in the glass and use this to your advantage when positioning your mirrors. For instance, if your windows afford beautiful views, position your mirrors so they reflect the scenery. If you are fond of burning candles on a sideboard, a mirror placed just behind the candles can help to generate an evocative atmosphere. A mirror at the end of a hall can give the hallway a more extended feel. Use Other Reflective Items Creativity is key when decorating an interior, and there is a whole host of other items that can function as decorative mirrors. Sheets of aluminium and other metals are reflective and can produce interesting effects when used in interior decorating. Mirrors are extremely versatile and can be adapted to any kind of interior. When decorating your interior, using mirrors creatively can be the step that enhances and completes the look of your home. --- End --- You know what? Some of my blog posts are now featured on Gumtree blog too!! So pls kindly come and support me!! http://blog.gumtree.sg/8-tips-decorating-mirrors/
  9. Leather sofa is very popular among people who also apply modern theme to their house. It is because leather sofa provides people with maximum beauty indeed. Although Leather Sofa is popular among modern society, there are still many people who have problems in how to conduct maintenance to the sofa. It is because maintaining leather sofa can be considered to be difficult to conduct indeed.
  10. Expat lady leaving Singapore for work reasons, has to give up her beloved furniture. All pieces are antique/replica from Korea and Ceylon and at least 50 years old. Hardwood and in excellent condition. Serious buyers only, please PM me or SMS (98299000) for details and viewing.
  11. Ikea Coffee Table in good condition Description can be found here http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/70167652/ Collect at Choa Chu Kang $80 Please sms/whatapps 98890050 Thank You.
  12. Thanks for looking. Here are some great stuff for sale. Please contact me at 96666-seven-one-three to discuss. 1. Abt 2 yr old Joolz Stroller ($600 nego) Condition: Good with wear at the handles. http://joolz.com.sg/ http://s1234.photobucket.com/user/planetg/media/public/20140301_134038_zpsa50fbeba.jpg.html 2. Teak Chair ($50) Condition: Good http://s1234.photobucket.com/user/planetg/media/public/20140301_133949_zpsba004201.jpg.html 3. Bedroom Wardrobe ($250 nego) Condition: Excellent in guest room. Seldom used. http://s1234.photobucket.com/user/planetg/media/public/20140301_133939_zps4c682701.jpg.html 4. Queen Sized Bed (FREE) + Queen Mattress ($100) Condition: Bed is used. May need restaining. Mattress lightly used in guest room. Great Condition. http://s1234.photobucket.com/user/planetg/media/public/20140301_134001_zps5a95f364.jpg.html
  13. Rustic furniture style is known for its use of natural materials. Make rustic furniture, more with a touch of crafts and culture and strong regional in the design of this rustic furniture. The use of rustic furniture designs will enhance your home decor designs, with a natural style and the large timber used in rustic furniture, home decorating makes the look more natural and comfortable.
  14. Who can a piece of antique furniture may get thousands of dollars if it is in good condition. This is for a view tips to maintenance your antique furniture. 1, Keep clean your antique furniture 2. The protection of the wood 3. Keep a clean atmosphere More Details look at How to Preserve the Antique Furniture
  15. Hi all, I seldom write bad reviews on anything, preferring to say nothing when i have nothing good to say. In this case, I've received such horrible serivce that I feel like i have to say something even though its going to be a long story. Its been a long time since i've come into T-Blog, but I used to update regularly on my T-blog Journey Home. Which i should really update again now that my home is quite lived in. So at the end of november, I went to a furniture shop at Jalan Besar that was owned by Lush. And there i bought two stools, (called Fortune Cookie Stools by a brand they carry called Matzform). Each stool was about 300 bucks, which I think most people can agree is not exactly cheap, but once in a while, we do indulge. The sales person, Dino, said he would try his best to deliver it before Christmas and said we would probably get it by then. The invoice wrote that delivery would be in 4 to 6 weeks. 1 week before Christmas, nobody has called, so i call to inquire when i would see the stools. They said oh, its not gonna arrive before Christmas, but it would be in by 15th January. Definitely before Chinese New Year. I said okay, do you promise by 15th Jan I will see the stools? They say yes, for sure. I tell them to please keep me updated if there the stools come earlier or there will be more delays. They said, yes, we will. Fast forward to Jan. I call around 15th Jan to ask, where my stools are. Again, no apology or anything for not calling me, just a "Oh, its delayed. But definitely before Chinese New Year you will get those stools." At this point, I'm getting frustrated. Nobody has called to tell me of delays, every step of the way, I've had to call and ask, nobody at Lush has taken any initiative to call me to inform me of delays. In fact, apologies for the repeated delays were also not forthcoming. All I kept hearing was, delay in shipping. So, 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, I am in full Panic Mode. I call and ask, where are the stools, I have guests coming during CNY, and the extra seating would really be important. The person calls me back after a day or so to say, we can deliver those stools tomorrow. I say fantastic, and i arrange for delivery. Day of delivery, my mother in law is at home waiting for it, as they are delivering during office hours. The stools come, and my MIL calls me saying "Its all scratched and there are dents." I talk to the delivery people who tell me, "You mean you dont know? these are the show room pieces, your new ones are in bad condition, so we cannot send you your new ones, we lend you the showroom ones for CNY." Since I had no idea of this arrangement, I called the office to ask what was going on. The office also expressed no surprise that i didnt know i was getting showroom pieces, which made me suspect they were hoping i wouldnt realise. They then said that my stools were still in shipping, and that they would be in Singapore 27th Jan but they were afraid it would be too short a time to ensure delivery so they decided not to risk it. At this point, i was getting really mad. First I had to call myself to find out where my stools were, secondly nobody told me they were sending me showroom pieces until it arrived at my door, and they followed this up by giving me different stories. Delivery guy says new stools arrived but in bad condition, office says they are not in Singapore yet. The office people then tell me i should be MORE UNDERSTANDING. As its CNY and these stools are called Fortune Cookie stools so they are very popular. But i ordered them in NOVEMBER. its not like i ordered in Jan right? All the while, they were completely unapologetic about it until i called a customer service officer to complain. When they delayed it the second round, I asked them to compensate me for the delay and they offered me $50 vouchers at their store. This time, after i REPEATEDLY said that they should compensate me, they said okay how about 88 dollars of vouchers. To which I said I would not be purchasing anything from them again, so i would have no use of vouchers. So after many tos and fros, they said 88 dollars in cash. Fine. And they said they would TRY to send my stools before CNY as I wanted to have new stools and not old ones for CNY. When i asked what would happen if they could not send me new stools before CNY? They said then they will refund me and take back the show room pieces. Take it or leave it. No compensation. This was basically the attitude they took throughout the entire episode. In the end i got so frustrated i said just take your stools back and refund me, forget compensation. And they did. But the entire episode has left a sour taste in my mouth and I will never buy anything from them again. Thanks for reading.
  16. Selling all below at S$300. Buyer arrange your own transport; self-collection at Yishun. - Dining table (1.5m x 0.9m x 0.75m) with 4 chairs - Fabric L Shape sofa (2.1m x 1.5m), comes with 2 small + 3 big cushions (white in picture) - Glass top coffee table (0.55m x 1m x 0.3m) - TV Console (1.8m x 0.55m x 0.4m) - Queen size bedframe (2.3m x 1.6m x 0.3m) Overall condition: 7/10, thus not for fussy buyer. Interested pls SMS / Watsapp 9066 2444 to deal
  17. We are moving houses and unfortunately as much as I love these quality pieces we cant bring all furniture with us to our next home. I am selling: 2-door solid wood wardrobe 4-door solid wood wardrobe https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByWABhSFE1theXRVQWNuUFNPaXc&usp=sharing Items are to be self-collected from Katong/Mountbatten area If interested, send me a message at 97978572 / ksumanga@gmail.com with your offer.
  18. Selling Furniture bought in November 2008 from OriginAsia Singapore (see original invoice picture). Photo link : https://plus.google.com/photos/117616067977817045036/albums/5975811161547613985?authkey=CP-U5rSg4JbdswE Handmade in Indonesia, Teak wood. Original Purchased price : S$8,100. Serious Seller, willing to sell fast, would prefer to sell the whole furniture set to a single buyer. If interested, please SMS/email me your best offer : 9199 0771 / jcroguen@gmail.com . Display Case : · Model : DC45 · Dimensions : 139X35X200 · Purchase price : S$2,480 · Link : http://www.originasia.com/bbs/view.php?id=displaycase&page=4&sn1=&divpage=1&sn=off&ss=on&sc=on&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=12 TV Console : · Model : FARGO 33 · Dimensions : 200X60X60 · Purchase price: S$2,180 · Link : http://www.originasia.com/bbs/view.php?id=entertainment&page=6&sn1=&divpage=1&sn=off&ss=on&sc=on&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=31&PHPSESSID=cb4550bf334a78ad3288d843c3c5b811 Cabinet : · Model : LAMBA NOODLES · Dimensions : 100x40x110 · Purchase price: S$1,680 · Link : http://www.originasia.com/bbs/view.php?id=cabinet&page=4&sn1=&divpage=1&sn=off&ss=on&sc=on&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=79 Desk : · Model : ALEX WITH GLASS TOP · Dimensions : 150X70X75 · Purchase price: S$ 1,350 · Link : http://www.originasia.com/bbs/view.php?id=studyroom_desk&page=3&sn1=&divpage=1&sn=off&ss=on&sc=on&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=40 Chair : · Model : LAMBA · Purchase price: S$320 · Link : http://www.originasia.com/bbs/view.php?id=studyroom_chair&page=1&sn1=&divpage=1&sn=off&ss=on&sc=on&select_arrange=headnum&desc=asc&no=1
  19. High Quality Furniture at Super Cheap Prices for CNY!Factory extras on sale now! From respectable manufacturers (furnitures are custom made and designed for prestigious hotels such as Marina Bay Sands and Carlton Singapore) ; Brand New 3+2 Sofa at $2000...to comfortable recliner at $520 only...and even more irresistible sales in our catalog! Free delivery included! If you are interested, contact us at contemporarycomfort@gmail.com for an e-catalog today or call 9765 5100 / 9273 0866 Or visit our website at http://contempcomfort.com/ to see the range of furniture available P.S this is not a scam or anything we are in fact a group of students from NUS and we are in a furniture competition that required us to promote the furniture of a local manufacturer. So if you are really interested, please contact the number above for more information.
  20. WTS, due to moving house. 1) Sofa, 2) Couch 3) Coffee table 4) Cabinet 5) Ikea study table 6) Ikea Shelve 7) Tempered Glass Round Stand 8) Bench Press Set With Bar & Weight 9) Buddha Poster 10) Laughting Faces Poster 11) Living Poster 12) Dining Table With 6 Chairs 13) Tempered Glass Study Table All condition still quite new rating 8/10.Interested Pls SMS 96661590Price Neg if buy more then 2 items. All must go!!
  21. From the album: WTS : Sofa, dining table set, poster, ect...

    White Cabinet Selling - $150 Condition - 10/10 Self collect at Jurong Interested pls sms 96661590 (Masny)
  22. jadens28

    White Cabinet 150 10 10

    From the album: WTS : Sofa, dining table set, poster, ect...

    White Cabinet Selling - $150 Condition - 10/10 Self collect at Jurong Interested pls sms 96661590 (Masny)
  23. From the album: WTS : Sofa, dining table set, poster, ect...

    Tempered Glass Round Stand Selling - $80 Conditiopn - 10/10 Self collect at Jurong Interested pls sms 96661590 (Masny)
  24. jadens28

    Red Sofa 600 8 10

    From the album: WTS : Sofa, dining table set, poster, ect...

    Red L-shape Sofa Selling - $600 Condition - 8/10 Self collect at Jurong Interested pls sms 96661590 (Masny)
  25. jadens28

    Red couch 250 10 10

    From the album: WTS : Sofa, dining table set, poster, ect...

    Red Couch Selling - $250 Condition - 10/10 Self collect at Jurong Interested pls sms 96661590 (Masny)