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Found 29 results

  1. dear all..... its great to be back in renotalk. i seldom come in to this site after a year of finishing my renovation to my 4room flat. what makes me be in this forum again? because my contractor has recommended me a new system to make my home a smart home. i will be able to control all my electrical items using my iphone apps. stay tune for further updates!!!
  2. Introducing, LUTRON smart home system. Simple and brilliant way for your first step in achieving your desired smart home. With LUTRON you will be able to personalize your lighting system on your smart phone without a doubt enabling users with the flexibility of accommodating new devices and applications of the near future and not forgetting the increase of your home's energy efficiency. Not limiting the functions of your LUTRON, it is also able to control blinds and fan on your command. Swiftly connects to various smart home command systems. REVIEWED MOST ACCESSIBLE SMART OPERATING SYSTEM IN THE MARKET!!! !!!!!!!PRICE INCLUSIVE OF INSTALLATION!!!!! 2 YEARS WARRANTYYYYY For more information, Website: www.intellihub.com.sg Showroom: 66 Horne Road #03-00 Tel: 6276 9188 HP: 9363 3145 Whatsapp: https://wa.link/ryk45x VARIOUS OF ACCESSORY TO ADD ON!!
  3. I am writing about Homtech Pte Ltd (http://homtech.com.sg/) because I am very pleased & satisfied with HomTech service and workmanship provided for my recent house renovation. I knew HomTech through a recommendation by a friend. After going through their website, I decided to engage them. Their electrical service is EXCELLENT, NEAT and completed the job in TIMELY MANNER. I do not need to emphasize or keep checking on the renovation progress of their work by going down to site from time to time. They will update me automatically of the site progress. They are also well versed with the home automation system wiring. I also purchased the LED lights from them as they will ensure that the dimmable lights and the lighting system are compatible before I proceed with purchase. This is an extra mile service that Homtech provided to me so that my renovation goes smoothly without any hiccups and I could move into my house fast. WELL RECOMMENDED FOR HOMTECH!
  4. I hired Desmond Lam of HomTech Pte Ltd (http://homtech.com.sg/) to do the entire smart tech for my new house. This includes: mobile app for controlling lights, blinds, aircon on level 1, security system, cctvs, external car/pedestrian gate system, and also fingerprint sensor entry system for the main door and pedestrian gate outside the house. The technology he delivered was TERRIBLE and the service quality was HORRIBLE. The staff did not understand the tech and it kept failing even before I moved in. Simple things like the main gate button kept failing because it was not properly installed or designed (apparently it was not rain proof!). The finger print sensors still do not work in the rain - and I've been complaining for 2 months already! His staff do not know how to integrate all the tech into a single app, so I now have 4 different apps to control the items (eg my security system and my CCTV system are not connected and have two different apps!) in my house, which is ridiculous - especially since some of the apps don't work after just a few weeks! Strongly recommend for everybody to avoid HomTech Pte Ltd and Desmond Lam.
  5. Hello everyone ~ After years of waiting, finally I got my keys to our new home. We have chosen a 3 room BTO, it's small I know... but with 2 years of info gathering in this forums and other platforms, we believe we can make it into a comfy abode! Contents (To be updated soon) Shopping list a) TV b) Oven c) Cooker and Hoods d) Fridge e) Air-Con f) Bathroom accessories g) Laundry system h) Wifi remote controller i) Ergonomic furniture j) Other interesting stuff Completed Looks a) Living room b) Kitchen c) Bedroom 1 d) Master Bedroom e) Common bathroom f) Master bathroom As part of my job needs, I travelled quite abit and get in contact to many interesting home living concept that really helps make full use of space. I believe it is possible to enjoy comfortable living even with small area. Let's begin with the floor plan.
  6. As a new home owner, i was on the hunt for smart locks, looking for an upgrade to traditional locks. All i wanted was keyless access since i'm super forgetful and have the tendency to lose my keys. I came across this gold mine while hunting for cheap smart locks, the igloohome mortise. Definitely an upgrade to the traditional lock. Why? 1) It has a total of 4 modes of access - Bluetooth keys, access PIN, and RFID tags and stickers. (RFID tags are basically tags that you can use like hotel key cards, you tap it and enter your home) 2) Product works offline, which is perfect for my home, since we live in a cluster terrace and our main door is at basement level, meaning it doesn't get any Wifi connection. So any smart lock that requires wifi connection wouldn't work for me. Another plus is that since it works offline, is that there is greater security it is less prone to getting hacked over the internet. 3) My family doesn't have to worry about losing keys anymore. Previously, my kids and I lost many many keys and we had to get a lock smith to change our locks which is a HUGE hassle. But now keys are a thing of the past. With this new smart lock, I can create PINs and Bluetooth keys remotely through the igloohome app. My wife prefers to use the access PIN while my 2 kids use Bluetooth keys. 4) I can check whenever my kids come home. I always worry if kids get home on time from primary school, but now i can check if they've reached home as the app sends notifications when they enter. That's a life changer for kan chong Singaporean parents like us. 5) One time pin. Really comes in handy when someone needs to enter the house but no one's at home. I have a cleaning lady that comes every week to tidy my place. I'm able to create a one time pin for her which works for a specified period. The best part is i don't even have to be at home to let her in! 6) CHEAPER than most global brands like epic, Samsung and Yale! (definitely a plus) Besides, if you'd like to support local brands, igloohome is a start up from Singapore I am a strong advocate for this product as it definitely improved the quality of life for me and my family and i highly recommend it to all homeowners (old or new)!
  7. Anyone has experience with building smart homes? I am planning to start my smart home journey with my new home. Hope to get some tips where to begin and how I can do it myself (DIY).
  8. You may already know that when it comes to Z-Wave enabled locks, the choices are quite limited. We have Danalock and Yale that works with hubs like Vera and FIBARO. For Samsung, even though it is very popular in Singapore, the Z-Wave chip does not work with Vera and FIBARO reliably. Say you have a Yale digital lock such as YDD424 or YDM4109, you are only limited to functionalities such as remote lock and unlock on existing Z-Wave hub. The Z-Wave hub cannot differentiate if the lock is open from the number pad or thumbprint or if it is opened from the back of the door. Well, now Homey can now offer you more choices and functionalities. We have written our very own Homey app for Yale YDD424, YDM4109 and even the latest YFM40. That is not all, Homey can now reliably support Samsung digital lock p718, p728 and even the upcoming DS705 gate lock! click to read more .... Homey work with Samsung and Yale lock
  9. Samsung Connect Home (and compatible Z-Wave devices in Singapore) Read more: Samsung Home Connect
  10. Homey is here and homey is actually homekit ready. Check out the link below to read more Homey is actually homekit ready
  11. Homey is here and homey is actually homekit ready. Check out the link below to read more Homey is actually homekit ready
  12. Looking for smart home devices with good value. Check out the link below. Smart Home Good Deal
  13. National Day Rally: PM Lee said "Never too late to learn and use technology" Automate Asia has a full range of smart home device for the aging population. Do up a Smart Home for your elderly at home. Contact us for a free consultation. Stay healthy and Stay Smartly. Smart Home Singapore
  14. National Day Rally: PM Lee said "Never too late to learn and use technology" Automate Asia has a full range of smart home device for the aging population. Do up a Smart Home for your elderly at home. Contact us for a free consultation. Stay healthy and Stay Smartly. Smart Home Singapore
  15. Anyone have any electrician to recommend who knows how to pull neutral wire to light switches and install smart modules and switches?
  16. Learn what is Smart home and turn it into Smart home. Singapore is going into Smart nation. How about your home sweet home? Wana renovate into Smart home to? call us 91149735 / 91690273 for free discussion. Click here > Smart Home Singapore
  17. Hi all, For those using Storage Heater, how do you all manage to wake up earlier just to turn on the switch? Is there any alternative to this? I'm looking at some smart home solution that can help transform the heater switch to a smart switch (ie. can set scheduled timer to turn on the switch @ specific time to specific time) anyone done this? care to share? Appreciate all kinds of input.
  18. Smart Home CCTV Quotation
  19. From the album: eVida Showcase

    Any motion at the back yard will be picked up by the motion sensor and lights are automatically triggered. It can also monitor temperature and reports to you the weather condition.
  20. From the album: eVida Showcase

    Control everything in your house only with a palm size Z-Wave gateway!
  21. From the album: eVida Showcase

    Let this tamper-proof IP camera protects your home and family member for 24/7!
  22. From the album: eVida Showcase

    As you rest on the couch after a long day of work, just press the scene button on your phone app to switch on the air-con, TV and tune in to your favourite TV channel. 
  23. From the album: eVida Showcase

    [size=4]As you walk toiwards your door, be welcomed by lights and you can even start playing your favourite radio station![/size]
  24. From the album: eVida Showcase

    Your motion sensor is pretty much independent after installation. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.