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What Is The Most Dangerous Sport?

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I've always wanted to know, what is the most dangerous physical sport?

All sports are dangerous:

- Badminton, halfway, stroke, die

- Football, halfway, in the field, raining, lightning strike, die.

- Ruby, kena knock by ppl, comma, few day later die

- Swimming, over-estimate oneself, drown to death

- Cycling, kena knock by vehicle behind, flied & fell and run over, die

- RC plane, kena knock by own nitro-powered plane, also die

So on so for, ALL DANGEROUS

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There is always an element of risk in playing sports but you all very naughty in your replies to threadstarter who is a newbie. :bangwall:

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Probably boxing, mixed martial arts (mma), and other fighting sports. In these sports, many athletes sustain injuries, such as broken noses and other broken bones... Also, perhaps ice hockey, because the players crash into each other, as well as fight on the ice.


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