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Cheap Carpentry And Painting Deal

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hi all,

just did some carpentry work at my own place and find that their workmanship is good and cheap compared to those ID firm and contractor...

painting is also good and fast, finished my EA within 1 day with 3 worker, and the workmanship and price is cheap too...

just gonna share these deals with you all who are interested, as i got friends who engaged those ID/contractor and their workmanship cant be compared to mine.....

im not in anyway getting any commission from the above company,but just recommanding to bros and sis here

mod, if this is not allow, please trash the thread...thanks

Hi! Can share their contacts and how much they charged you...TIA!


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hhmm, looks like midnight is quiet now after being found out. Anyway, who has a genuine painting service that I can contact? Usually if we hire someone to paint, will they apply a first coat of sealer followed by 2 coats of painting?



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Hi all,

A lot of you mention kenrick from fixit interior 98477370 is good.

But he does my painting like **** for my 4 room flat.

Paint drip on my window and floor, painting not evenly, cross colour.

Take my money and never return call after telling him all these problem.

Be aware of him.


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Read about some forummer need carpentry help.

For those who need alternative quality carpentry service, I can introduce my regular carpenter. Please note, he is a carpenter, not ID, so expect good quality carpentry works and not ID price.

If you want, I will pm you the contact.

Pls PM me the contact.



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