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Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware

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I have been a follower of this forum for a long time and basically this is a good forum for new homeowners wanting to buy furniture.

I have some thoughts I would like to share with everyone:

1. Buy from established retailers.

There have been many many consumers burnt by dodgy shops in the last couple of years. Many of them have paid deposits or even made full payments at shops and these shops have closed down without delivering product. On this forum alone these shops include: Executive Living, The Montella, Species and Sense Art.

A good way to tell if the retailer has been around a good long time is by looking at their GST Registration number or their Company Registration number on the sales orders. The first 4 digits show the year the company was registered.

It is tempting to buy from such companies because they will make a lot of promises on warranties and give big discounts. But if they close down, who is going to honour their warranties.

For example, Executive Living came out promising 5 year warranties on their sofas. What difference does it make if they offer 10 year warranties. They have closed down.

2. You will get what you pay for.

There is no such thing as a super deal in the real world, if something is really really cheap you should really really not buy it because good furniture costs money to make. So if something is really cheap either the quality is compromised or the seller does not plan to deliver.

So what is really really cheap:

1. Fabric sofas below $800

2. 3 Seater leather sofas below $1200

3. L-Shape leather sofas below $1500

4. Spring mattresses below $500

5. Pocket spring mattresses below $800

If you find the above items below those prices and they are not on clearance, think really hard.

As consumers, you work hard for your money, spend wisely.


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but sometime i think expensive may be just a huge markup only and not due to quality..

I absolutely agreed but there is a minimum that factories cannot go under.


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It has been years that we have try to warn consumers. Salute to you SamTheMan.

I went quiet after the saga with EL over the warranty and time has proven that i was right.

I know all this bosses from Montella, Spieces, EL and Sense Art. Try to make sense with the consumers here really headache.

Feel bad for those folks that lost their deposits on these companies.


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but as consumers, we wont know who they are. :furious:

Dear Woody,

I did mention that as consumers you can pay attention to how long a company has been around.

I know some consumers want to give new companies a chance and that is a good thing. But for consumers that don't want to risk their money simply look at the GST or Company registration number. If a company is less than a year old, maybe best to avoid.



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i agreed with thread starter

Buyers - there is no quality products with low price. If you pay low price, be prepared to depreciate the moment it is out of stores.

No such thing as give chance to new shop.


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