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Come Home For Dinner, Ok!...[Repurchased 5Rm Flat In Tampines]

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My turn, my turn to post finally!

same here, has been browsing this forum since i got my unit till i got my keys.

This is a hybrid flat. What hybrid? becoz its a mix btw a new house and old, having new and old features, best of all worlds..haha.

1) the unit is 123sqm (only older generation 5Rm flats have this size i guess.) --old

2) i have neighbours on the same level that is corridor unit (new BTO flats are all corner flats now) --old

3) i have a service yard! -- new

4) my rubbish chute is outside the house! (go away cockroaches!)-- new

There you go, a Hybrid! haha...i named it myself....please don't go to HDB and say you wanna buy a Hybrid flat!!!!! no such thing...i made this up!

ok, here goes. floor plan.


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Went through a few IDs

1) from Home exhibitions - Singapore Expo ) -- mixture of expensive + reasonable

2) IDs recommended by my sister (she is also doing up her place) - reasonable, but no chemistry.

3) walk-in into IMM shops -- lagi expensive

4) recommendations from Renotalk - most neutral ground, coz i don't know any of you. haha.

And in the end, I chose Nicholas from Renoguyz. I think most of you must have heard of him before. quite popular right.

i also dug up all the old post from Renotalk and read about him, from stories like 'blur looking guy' to 'come in slippers' are quite true. haha..but more about his quality of projects.

Met him on-site. long discussion with Nicholas, my wife and me....not yet.......not yet......but we have a good impression and good 'feel'.

so we started a Whatsapp chat group (in-thingy now right?) and discuss more details...before we finally confirmed him.

Nicholas was patient, answer to questions and queries. He will tell u what is nice and not nice..to save money, do this, don't hack this..if not nice, he will give you a 'are-you-sure-you-want-to-do-this?!-face'. haha. at least you know you are in good hands and don't anyhow make wrong colour or design decision.


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Concept...don't know..

Theme..don't have.

Must have... an Island! love to bake sometimes, and it will be great for informal gatherings or just a place to chill and chat. I have another plan for this...maybe...

So we decided that i must hack my kitchen to open concept! make it bigger and brighter. -- approved by ID.

build an island -- approved by ID.

hack this and that -- approved by ID.

ID helped us apply for HDB permit. Long waiting game....wait lor...


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Since waiting for HDB permit, shall post more.

As we will be recycling most of our furniture from our current house, we will be saving some money here. spoilt then change lah!

Things we bought so far:

1) Fujioh Hood and Hob - Hoe Kee

2) Blanco sink (fell in love at first sight) + toilet fittings - Hoe Kee


3) LED lights for whole house and mirror ball lights for island. Chose this becoz the shining top will reflect the whole house, making it look even BIGGER!!! yes, BIGGER!!!


4) hooted hansgrohe shower head. yes, can afford the head only during the recent sale.


5) KDK fans - JB. yes, carried back as recommended by Renotalkers. It's really half price lor! bought 60"and baby fan (44")

6) Nippon Momento paint (did i mentioned it's kind of like half price also?) - JB. As i like to paint a lot, i will be painting myself. so keep a lookout on this thread once i complete.

I didn't get any stuffs from Taobao,Tmall, etc, as I'm not good at Chinese, scare kenna conned. I really clap hands for those who knows how to taobao! i really must learn 1 day....

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Btw, my ID Nicholas **** good. got a lot of lobangs.

recommended me to a banker who helped us applied for a Reno loan.

submitted documents, sign here and there...and approved within a week or so.

So those who need Reno loan to make your house nice nice...you know who to look for.......not Me! haha..

ID also brought me to chose tiles and laminate...even before my loan was approved! haha...

at first chose this..


but Nicholas was very good. he told me "no..no... cannot. The living floor design is more of a painting stokes, "messy kind" cannot mixed with the kitchen straight lines...will "crash"....so re-choose. spend another hour at Hafary....



happy! coz i like it so much than the first one! this one has small small sparkles. just my iPhone cannot capture the sparkle so well.


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Is that light from a warehouse sale along eunos link? I bought my chandelier there. I thought the prices were real good.

kiang! like that you also can spot!

i bought the last 2 balls. yes..the sales girl told me her price is about 3 times lesser than jalan besar/geylang, etc.

but in my heart, i know she must have import from Taobao one..which is EVEN LOWER! just that...sigh...i don't know how to order from there. also the one i bought is glass lah..paid $80/ball for a piece of mind...


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Great purchases you got there.

Don worry, you are in safe hands of Nick.

So far his work from what I know are all quite good, nearly wanted to pick him too for Renovation.

By the way I think your Kitchen flooring is similar to mine


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