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  1. very nice! we really like all your hidden cupboards
  2. very nice and clean feel, your hse does look spacious
  3. wow your false ceiling in curvy shape is really quite unique !
  4. very nicely done! love how the colours seem to pop out
  5. beautiful! if I'm not wrong we are using the same id as you. Love the whole outlook of the house and the rice sacks which are used as mats
  6. very nicely done so far! i'm interested to know what kind of chairs are you using for your island table?
  7. Would like to seek advice between the two.. We will be getting our ID to do up a customised long island table..this will double up as a dry-food preparation table (baking, making breakfast etc). And will serve as a gathering table when we invite family and friends to come over for meals we are thinking if we should be.. 1) keeping it at island table height or 2) making it the usual dining table height the thing about making it the island table height is that we only have the option of higher chairs/bar stools.. am thinking in the long run will it be comfy and suitable for the old and young if it's the usual dining table height perhaps there's more options of chairs..would you think it's a more relaxing way to sit too? any comments appreciated, thank you!
  8. amazing you even bought the toilet sink off tao bao... how's the installation so far? any leakages? the pricing is really half of what they sell in hoe kee it seems
  9. very nice renovation! and plus ur contractor is so helpful, it can be hard to come by love the glass cannisters too, did it cost alot?
  10. try to diy? like buy a spray to colour it to orange or something if you still can't find it Saw this from a link, it's pretty interesting the different kinds of pendent lights http://www.decoist.com/2013-10-31/diy-pendant-lights/
  11. very nicely done up, love the toilets and how it really looks like those hotel ones
  12. very nice and the look and feel is just what we are looking for too the industrial, wire mesh, simple metal lights one thing though I heard the edison lights can be quite hot and we wonder if it means it will generate more electricity also
  13. WMF seem to have sales lately, saw some offers in takashimaya also.. not sure if it has ended.