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  1. I got it from the Singapore main office. They have a showroom to display all the LED products. You can compare their LED products with other lightigs. OPTILED LIGHTING (S.E.A) PTE. LTD. 55 Toh Guan Road East #02-03 Uni-Tech Centre Singapore 608601 Tel:(65) 6565 3111 Fax:(65) 6565 3222 infoSEA@optiled.com You better call them and check whether you can purchase from there onot. Bcoz the manager told me that they don't sell product from their office(don't know true onot??). My case is special case.... Bcoz I said I will recommend their product to my company for the energy saving project. So he special quote me their lightings for my house. I saw some lightings shop selling their product too. Maybe you can call them and check. hi there thanks for your info. will call them up. thanks and regards gorilla chow
  2. hi there where can you get the light (Array 3 from optiled) thanks and regards gorilla chow
  3. hi bro i am interested too. do pm me the detail too. thanks and regards gorilla chow
  4. hi there can get it in any hardware shop. but that's not weather proof. it's only splash proof only. can't be used outdoor, do take note regards gorilla chow
  5. hi can some kind soul pm me Mr Chew contact too? thanks gorilla chow
  6. hi there you may wanna try the shop at the basement (just below the escalator) of Furniture mall. regards gorilla chow
  7. hi...if there is one...count me in too... thanks gorilla chow
  8. hi there care to share the contact too....might be considering platform bed for the master bedroom. thanks gorilla choe
  9. hi bro can also PM me the contacts. thanks.....and kopi...no problem.... gorilla
  10. hi simon you might wanna consider mitsubishi and daikin are the better brands with inverter function, you might wanna consider them. but of cause slight ex in price. gorilla chow
  11. hi there your man have done a great job fixing up the wardrobe and the bed. A JOB WELL DONE. LEt your kids know how much efford you guys put in, get them to be involve. a family bonding activities. HAPPY FOR YOU. gorilla chow
  12. hi welcome welcome..me from AMK too.... a great place... so AMK central...is it &16, or &14 or &18?? in fact my mum is just near by too... gorilla too
  13. hi Ivy can share with me the list too? gorilla