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  1. why not call a few company to get quotes rather than ask in a forum where folks here don't have any idea about the condition of your house and what needs to be replaced or difficulty in replacing. On a separate note, I once asked my regular aircon serving guy what brand tends to fail a lot since he also does repairs. He told me to stick to Diakin and/or Mitsubishi Starmex to be safe. Hope this helps a bit.
  2. When you settle on your contractor for this job, I'll be interested to know the cost and appreciate if you could share in the forum and/or send me a PM. Thanks in advance.
  3. A toilet without window or mechanical venting (ie extractor or ventilation fan) would not have passed TOP. Your toilet probably has some type of mechanical ventilation. Look carefully for venting slates in the toilet. If really don't have, complain to BCA.
  4. At this price, speed and promise of no extra charge for any changes.... He must be a super good friend. :-) Seriously it sounds so far below the market rate that I'd be careful that you pay only for works completed and get a performance bond.
  5. If you want to consider another brand. You can look at Vento. I use them and are pretty happy with it. http://vento.com.sg/
  6. Given that it's 4900 square feet, if that's GFA, it works out to be $167psf which is amazing construction cost for today, not to mention you are getting a lift for it. I suggest that you make sure you get the full cost including carpentry, submission fees etc. And more importantly get a performance bond.
  7. Sounds pretty cheap to me. Think you have a good deal or you need to check the quality of what you are getting.
  8. One of the places where I install my car window film, carries film that makes the glass bullet proof as well. If anyone needs it, PM me but don't ask me how much, I have no idea. LoL
  9. For my case, my engineer was liaising with various departments for the CSC. Not sure if only the architect can do the submissions or if it can be anyone else. You can also check with NParks and BCA on what are the outstanding reifications on your property and once you know what else is left to do, contact contractors for quote on what it will take to rectify those areas.
  10. I have some LED lights in my house. Those that are "Halogen like" with limited throw range and those that are very similar to PL down lights (broad throw area). Overall will save electricity and hard to recover cost. Example, my LED throw light (From Cree) only consumes 52% of the electricity of a PL downlight of similar brightness. This works out to a savings of ~$10 per year. Price-wise, the LED light costs $180 to $200 versus $30+ for the PL light. Long time to breakeven. Actually, I'm considering converting more PL lights to LED because they don't attract those "flying ants" that flies around down lights after the rain. Seems that these flies are attracted to UV emitted from PL lights... interesting..
  11. Not an expert with these pests but shouldn't you try to get rid of them first before you renovate? If they are still lingering around, your new renovation but get eaten up in no time.
  12. I don't sense much difference as well, except for leaves falling into my balcony and front lawn but that's due to the house being closer to a nature reserve.
  13. I believe GFA covers floor area and not volumetric, so high or low ceiling the gfa is the same. once you try to add floor space to create another level, you effectively added floor space (GFA).