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  1. As far as i know, there is no use for the RF points anymore unless you would like to have a TV connected directly to government/privately installed antennas on the exterior.
  2. Check if its the driver that is giving the problem LED downlights dont just "die". The lights should dim to a significant level to signify dying life. If I'm correct, your LED downlight is a module by itself (ie comes together with the housing). So if you must replace it, then yes, you must remove the whole thing. There should be 2 catches on the housing that latches onto your false ceiling Just remove that. If you're not sure, just go down to a lighting shop to see where the catches are.
  3. Was just looking for suggestions on replacing my aircon. Now i guess i'll have to kick Mit Starmax out. Pity because it was my default choice since my previous model is also a Mit Starmax...
  4. Hi,

    morning to U!

    I am trying to get copy of the list of FSM which a fellow Ivy compiled. Is it possible for you to email me: linda.mae29@ymail.com

    thanks a million.

  5. My usual FSM has recently passed away. Need some advice on whom to choose now for annual reading. Dear Ivy, will you PM me your list too please? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Under $300 can get a Bosch model. Made in Germany. Good suction power. No complaints and loving it.
  7. Hey gkbt! Nice to see you back here sharing your advice and experience on your mavello. Sorry hadn't been checking back in here for awhile so missed your message. You even know the price for the Delphi?! Hahaha! I was planning on bringing my wife to their showroom at IP to check it out. I must admit though that i have not done my fair bit of research on this subject and i am taking your advice to check the series that KT has to offer. Will update once we come back from there then. Good choice on the mirage and onkyo 608. I suppose you had some recommendations?
  8. The home remedy of using cracked eggshells will work - tried and tested. It is the lizards prey/predatory instinct that when they smell/see the eggshells, they will avoid the area as they know they will be fodder for the chicken. After carefully cracking the eggs for cooking (preferably in halves), place the eggshells around the areas where you know there will be lizards crawling about (near windows, corners, etc). Observe for the next few days if any activity. You should leave the eggshells there for 1 week. It is also true that lizards prey on mozzies although not quite with the same efficiency with your insect sprays.
  9. Not sure if this was mentioned before but most contractors will all go to Choo Chiang (CCM) to get their lighting needs. For your own safeguard, you may call CCM for pricing of your lighting products (bulbs, tubes, holders, downlights, switches, etc) as they are very open about it. Subsequently, you can do a comparison with your contractor's quote to gain an insight to how much more he is charging you for installation.
  10. Do note that although JB may be cheaper by half the price when you purchase, you need to consider aftersales service. I bought the KDK Z60 and after my contractor has installed it, it was not to my satisfaction as it was wobbling noticeably. They have tried several times to balance it but to no avail. Hence i insisted that they arranged with the KDK tech to come and resolve the issue. KDK will need to see the warranty + invoice before they will pay a visit. After which KDK managed to reduce the wobbling considerably although a very very tiny bit of circular motion can still be observed. But since this service is from KDK themselves I was definitely more assured when he told me that the result is considered acceptable and normal. Something for you guys to consider.
  11. Hi gkbt, I read with great interest on all your posts in this thread and it does seem like you've really done your research and even to the extent of testing them one way or another. I do not think that you're in anyway associated with KEMP and am truly appreciative of your enlightening opinions herein. Frankly, i am only starting to look into beneficial water for my home since i've always drank water straight form the tap anywhere, even when i've seen the cheapo cloth filter has turned brown. With my new home, the water dispensed has a higher concentration of bubbles, strangely. It smells mildly fragrant and tastes like it has a higher akali content. I could be all wrong since i've never tested the waters with a litmus test. These have got me thinking if the water in my home is really "safer" for consumption since i've never really tasted such type of water before. Indeed water in Singapore is always safe but what im really concerned about is the added impurities from the pipes thats leading to my taps. Anyhow, i would like to know how's your Marvelo holding up? Any findings thus far? From the time of your research till now, would there be any recommendations for a beneficial water system that you can propose and why? I'm slightly inclined to your earlier posts' proposal on the undersink Delphi model since i'm all for low profile stuff. Plus, its a space saver on the kitchen counter. Also if you've not purchased your soundbar, I would recommend against the Philips if you can afford it. We can discuss this in another thread if you like
  12. Harmony RF is only for its IR extenders and cannot be used on any RF appliances or devices - it has no RF learning capabilities and if im not wrong, its on the 413Mhz freq. I've not had the opportunity of a mains cut-off but i do believe that the preset memory stays regardless.
  13. Choo Chiang is always the best place to go for all your lighting needs.
  14. Unless your wife is really against a bigger setup, i'll steer clear from the YSPs. They have great drivers in them but IMHO, these are overly priced for a soundbar. In addition, you'll need to setup your home to get accurately bounced off sound waves to gain from these babies - I'm not kidding, you'll need reflectors and again it'll be pointless. Look at their showroom setup and you'll notice you be sitting beside 2 reflectors behind you. If you really want a soundbar, i'll recommend the DefTech ones at 2/3 the price of YSPs. If you don't need soundbars, the money equivalent for YSPs can get you an above average front towers and surrounds.