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  1. If you want to get their attention, post your complaint in newspaper forum. !!
  2. Heehee, the last time someone leaned on my fingers against the pole, I tapped his shoulders and said can you don't lean, I also need to hold on to the pole? He looked a bit shocked but shifted his weight away Divert a bit, anyone has ideas how to make people shift to the back of the bus? I always cannot get on the bus because the people don't want to shift behind....
  3. So what happens if at the point of enbloc is announced, your combined income is more than 8k? Is there a rule that you cannot have the benefit then because more than 8k cannot take HDB loan? Anybody had this experience?
  4. I'm also thinking of doing F&E in Europe next spring. Any particular reasons why you choose Switzerland? I'm thinking of going to... Greece island hopping, Austria, Italy and Holland... but haven't planned yet...
  5. I think guys and gals react differently, and even saying so, there'll be gals who act like guys (not talking abt lesbians) and guys who act like gals (not talking abt gays). But generally speaking, gals look for emotional connection, guys look for sexual attraction. I'm not saying that's all each party care about, but there is always a "priority". I would say physical attraction is part of sexual attraction, I mean, the guy has to be physically attracted to the gal first, before wanting to develop/ commit into a relationship. But that does not mean all gals must look like supermodel, because all guys have different likes/ dislikes. Not all guys want to bed the gals they date immediately because they then move on to the next criteria - emotional connection. These are guys who probably respect and uphold moral values like save sex for marriage. But to say that they never had the thought/urge would be ignorant of how their bodies/ hormones behave. And I agree that love that we give is not unconditional. Because one of the most compelling reasons why we look for a partner is to give the person our love and to receive the person's love. I think that's what started this thread, the desire to be with someone who not only love you but you also love.
  6. AD you're more happy and excited mah congratulations!
  7. M hotel! Because they have their own bridal floor very nice. I remembered their wedding coordinator also very nice and they serve you professionally, providing drinks while you wait, carpark coupons etc.
  8. Sounds like they wanted this kind of attention I mean look at the box ID, they are not ashamed to take topless photos loh. It's ok for the guy lah, but I wonder how can he stand other guys ogling and fantasying how his wife looks like... don't understand their logic
  9. I think if I want to sell my home, then at most touch up on the painting to cover up cracks or unsightly patches, no need to go through re haul, coz bo hua.
  10. I find the stuff at this shop (great world/ tanglin mall) really nice, anybody knows if they have gift vouchers for sale?
  11. They probably went through Citibank for this time round (so I was told) and called up all the credit card holders. I guess if you have a credit card, your pay is at least 2.5k so they're assuming your spouse earns the same loh.
  12. Hmm, I didn't top up for any because my photographer didn't charged by # of photos. He go by number of pages. So he can pile as many photos as we want into a page, big or small doesn't matter. I also got back all my photos in digital format. But we didn't develop big photo frames because we don't want to hang them up in the house. Actually, nowadays, I only go online to look at my photos, rather than take out the huge album to flip through.
  13. If can afford to go Europe for 18 days, who don't want... If you got time, just drop by travel agencies to pick up the Insight Vacation booklets. I believe SA and Dynasty have those. Or if you more adventurous, can take a short package tour, then roam ard yourself. See more things at a leisurely pace
  14. Yeah, I went for one timeshare talk before, they did give me the door gift as promised, except they'll try to hard sell their package. My hubby also don't want to waste time...
  15. I went skiing for my honeymoon, but only 1 day haha. Very tiring.... so depends on what kind of hol you want. BTW, have you tried looking at INSIGHTS tour? Those are more detailed Europe tours and I heard early booking confirm got discount one.
  16. Yo, I just received a call from them doing a promotion with TAKA this week. Supposedly will give you $100 Taka voucher if you attend their 90 min preview. Anybody heard of it? Is it a scam?
  17. I agree, must go Universal Studios, 6 Flags (if you're keen on rides, much more exciting than Disneyland). Disneyland main park for the parades (very very good) and fireworks (very very very good). Take the newest ride on the block, FINDING NEMO, even if it's long queue
  18. My getaway to Holiday Inn was great the hotel is clean, beautiful, pretty impressive for a 7 yr old building. The food is delicious also! Love the spa I got upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite and felt a bit wasted with the extra room but we had fun Wouldn't mind going again if they continue the promotion. Thanks for the recommendation, Air!
  19. $199 nett per couple, if weekend/ public hol add $20 per room. Ferry tic is $30 nett per pax.
  20. We didn't do any final inspection because we thought no point and the seller seems decent enough. He even tell us he wants to remove the curtain rod when it wasn't even in the list of fixtures to be included in the sale. My hubby said no point to inspect also. We just went immediately after we got the keys and did see a few wall cracks that were hidden behind bookcases previously, but old flats are like that, cannot complain.
  21. But we're not talking about life and death, so priority #1 shouldn't be $$$. What I mean is we're not asking the question of "bread or love". I'm assuming that we all have our basic needs, food, clothing, shelter but continues to work for $$$ to satisfy our wants to gain the quality of life impressed upon us by the society through the media day by day... seriously, when it boils down to the deathbed, no amt of cash in your bank will give you any kind of comfort, and you just want to be with the ones you loved. And if you have none, because you've spent your life building up financial treasures instead of giving a significant part of your time to the people you love, then you'll lie there wishing you can buy love with the money you have. But of course, it can't be done and it's too late... sound a bit drama really watch too many movies
  22. What people really want in life is love. Because that's what 99.9% of pop music always croon about and why people glued their eyes to soap operas and spend money paying Hollywood stars to act out the kind of life they want to have
  23. Talk to your HDB officer and lawyer. I was also away during the 1st Appointment, my husband didn't turned up on the 2nd Appointment and I only ROM 5 months after my 2nd Appointment. I remembered there're forms you need to sign before you fly and the lawyer have to do up a letter of authorization for your fiance to act on your rights.
  24. I was with Flamingo, studio with Nick Goh, AD with fotoThemes, AD video with Filmart.