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  1. I just changed my home window grilles at Aluminum Gate The service was ok.
  2. im staying at bedok area too. Do you have the company website or company name that done that for you?
  3. better to choose a lighter colour compare to a darker colour. lighter colour makes you feel cooler and more comfortable.
  4. thanks for all the tips. it really helps alot.
  5. cleaning your table everyday can help to reduce the ants on the table.
  6. huihui

    Nice Clocks ?

    u can try go ikea find. there have cheap and nice clock
  7. I think that curtain are better den blinds. but curtains are much more expensive then blinds.
  8. i think it should be clean. i aways drink the water from the tap.
  9. i think that fengshui is very important as it can affect everything that might happens.
  10. i seen sunset at yishun dam. it look alike it the pictures.
  11. i think wearing slippers in bathrooms or toilets can be quite dangerous. some slippers might cause people to fall down more easily.
  12. Keeping your house clean and doing your housework everyday can help to prevent cockroach from breeding.
  13. huihui

    Changing Of Job

    i think is better to stick to your own job. is not very good to keep changing job.