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  1. How to manage tenant viewing after we move out? Do we have to pass the keys to a selected sole agent to manage the viewing? How do you manage?
  2. Congrats on your completion! Just a point that you may want to note because you mentioned the company installing your Aircon is also servicing it. My hubby colleague had a terrible experience when the Aircon company who installed also service his Aircon. Apparently, there was a leak in the gas pipe and instead of rectifying, the technician just top up gas at every service. By the time he found out, the installation warranty is already over so he had to get another company to rectify the job. I am sure Aron won't be like this since he has jobs from here but just take note.
  3. JamisD, have you made the purchase? I was also recommended Panasonic NA-148VG3 by Best Denki at IMM. It's an lady who introduced us the machine. What I understand is that although the door is bigger, the hole to put the clothes in is the same as other front load washing machine. She said that the price is very competitive for a 1400 rpm machine. The higher the rpm, the cleaner and quicker can be the wash. Is she right? Best denki is offering $1099 (inclusive of GST) for the machine. It comes with 3 years warranty and also free S$100 NTUC voucher. Quite tempted to buy but we have until end of this month to consider.
  4. Just called up my ID. He gave the reassurance that he is doing his best to find the carpenter that can meet our timeline and requirement of the finishing. I told him frankly that if he can't do so, I will find my own carpenter. What I meant was he brought carpenters fr 2 different companies to do site measurement and the 3rd one just did site measurement on sat. The 1st didn't ans his call after meeting us (owners) twice and the 2nd one cited that he doesn't have small lorry as a reason why he cannot accept the job. My place has a basement carpark for unloading and cannot use big lorry.
  5. I have confirmed my ID on 13 Sep 2011 and till now he has not firmed up a carpenter to do our carpentry. We had a lot of carpentry and we had emphasize that we are very particular about the workmanship and yet the carpenters (2 groups of them)just disappeared. They had not started work, they just came down for the measurement and we spent time to describe what we want to them. He arranged a 3rd group to go to my place last Sat to measure (without our presence) and it's not even confirmed if they will be able to deliver the job on time. I am very very tempted to strike out the carpentry scope from his scope by my hubby is concerned that he will not managed the rest of the jobs properly. Any advice or suggestions?
  6. V nice Reno! I have 2 queries, 1) how is the ease of using your kitchen doors and drawers? I believe your contractor did the 45 deg abs trimming door for you. Is it easy to use? 2) I believe you r using sliding doors for your wardrobe in mbr and it's not the glass-aluminum type. It's the plywood w laminates door right? How is the sliding? Is the door flimsy? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hihi, Anyone ever been to Kitchen Culture and experience the fantastic "handle-less" doors that they have? We realised that IDs are recommending doors and drawers in the kitchen with a 45deg abs trimming as "handles" to open the doors and drawers. Any feedback if these are easy to use? I personnally tried the doors and find it very difficult to open. We want our carpenters to follow the Kitchen Culture method but the carpenter got so scared that he is not answering my ID call and my ID has to find some other carpenter and it's going to delay the handling over. My carpenter didn't quote the handles in the carpentry work. Anyone can shall if it will be expensive to top up if I just want those simple stainless steel rounded handles?
  8. Very sorry to hear your problem. How is the situation now?We are also using xD..., but the ID that is working for us is quite nice. His name is Jxxxy Txx. Can you pm me the name of your ID? I am going to tell my ID to talk to him. It's important that they pull up their socks else their company will be affected. I don't want to reveal his name here coz they are still doing my place half way. I will recommend him if I find the workmanship good.
  9. snake


    hello ne0mesis, I am very impressed with your cabinet at the living room. 1)Is it inspired by piano keys? 2)Is the black "keys" the slots for opening the door to the cabinets or black laminate? 3)Do you mind taking a closer picture of the black "keys" to your living room cabinets? 4)Is the space behind your TV utilised as well or it's blocked out? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello Joyousonline, I saw that you have chosen piano white for your kitchen laminate. Is it from Logicwhite? Did you choose the $300 per ft run silver skirting for the cabinet as well or it's just normal abs trimming?
  11. Very nice! How much is your black sliding door to the kitchen and the glass shower screen at your common toilet (the one w the 2 panel glass)?
  12. Your quote for carpentry looks high to me. My wardrobe is S$270 per feet run but the height of my wardrobe is 9.5ft (2nd level condo), think HDB is about standard 8ft and mine also come with internal coloured polygon. The kitchen is also same as my quote but again mine carpentry comes with internal colour. Should source for more quotes. More importantly, do you have chemistry with the ID? Are the ideas proposed by the ID interesting and can be accepted by you. If you already have your own ideas, better get a contractor. We went with a ID in the end because contractor is not much cheaper. some more no 3D drawings which we thought is necessary to prevent future dispute. My ID is also not really a ID because he started of as a worker from the bottom but he is quite easy going. He is also not the cheapest in terms of price but we think he is very sincere and earnest (at least at this moment). Actually work will start on Monday.
  13. Just checked with a few vendors including Alex and the Pang Giap and all are quoting white powdered quoted to be S$8.5psf. If I am not wrong, I read some old threads that in 2009, it was 6.50psf. The price of aluminium has increased so much??
  14. Hello, Can you share the name of the shop? Also, did you get the price of $340 because you bought a lot of items from them?
  15. Thanks Terence. I have contacted another electrician to go to my place for a quotation, if that cost is cheaper, I am going to ask my ID to use him. Of course, I am going to drop a note to inform my ID that I am getting someone to quote since he is not willing to itemise the items. One thing that I learn is not to make things too difficult for the ID because I don't want them to sabotage my renovation.
  16. My ID did not give me the breakdown of the electrical cost for my condo. All concealed and include make good with plastering. 1. Supply labour to install 1 lighting point at bedroom 1 (this is a new point in addition to the existing lighting point) 2. Supply labour to install 1 double power point **** room (new power points 2 nos required in living room) 3. Shifting 1 double power point at bedroom 1 (need to shift this because the wardrobe will be built where the existing points are. 4. Shifting 1 lighting power point at master bedroom (the existing power point will be box up because it's under a beam) 5. Shifting 1 lighting point at bedroom 2 (ceiling light point is next to beam, need to shift so that can install ceiling fan w light kit) 6. Shifting 1 oven point at kitchen (changing the position of the built-in oven from under the hod to table level at opp wall) 7. Supply labour to install 3 ceiling fans 8. Supply labour to install 6 downlights 9. Supply labour to install 4 ceiling lights Total $1400. Is it reasonable? I thought it's a bit expensive but he did not provide the breakdown so I also don't know how to compare. When i ask from him, he said that if he itemised it, will be even worst. Appeciate some views. Thanks.
  17. Very nice design! No dining table? Saw that your toilet bowl is not wall hung type but you conceal the cistern and put solid top on it? Is your solid top removable in case you need to access the cistern?
  18. Any recommendation for durable laminates? I read that Lam Chuan laminate has the same colour for the abs edging. Is it durable? Is it true that thicker laminate will be more durable and less wavy? Any comments on Lamitak laminates? We had a custom made study table made 10 years ago and the carpenter used a laminate that is really very good. Till now, there are very little stratches but I don't know what type of laminate he used.
  19. Can you share the shop name and address at Ang mo kio for the glass? My glass at the kitchen door broke after the wind slam it. Wondering how to replace it.
  20. We also bought storage bed from them. paid 30% deposit. what happened?
  21. Must altar be facing the windows or main door? I always observe that the altars face the windows in the living room against a solid wall but I can also see that some neighbours places their altar facing the main door.
  22. I don't have such problem but I am wondering with all the new HDBs and pte condo building so close to one another, how to avoid such houses. My new flat has another set of problem, a lot of beams and columns not hidden...
  23. I didn't realize that ID running away can still happen. Is it just the ID or the company that has run away? How is ur case now? Pictures please...
  24. I have a 2nd fridge in my utility room but it's not a bomb shelter. The utility room opens out to the service yard and we never leave the door close so I supposed I don't have the ventilation problem.