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  1. Can anyone of you advise where to get such sockets or plugs? Can this be purchased from TB? TIA
  2. Hi, for the installing of the pull out tray, was it done by your contractor? Did ur contractor tell you what kind of measurements suit your cabinet or you provide them the tray size you have chosen and they just custom the cabinets in accordance to the tray? I am looking to install a few of such pull out trays into my kitchen cabinets and was wondering if it can be done. In addition, mind if you can let me know how much it cost for you to ship this over and the total cost you spend for this? Apologies for the many qns. TIA.
  3. Oooo.. tweaking of the receipe is fine.. fits ur taste buds most impt.. i will see if i nid to do tweaking to fit my family of farm animals.. hahahah
  4. Good try and it does look yummy... Can share receipe??
  5. Looking at ur posting time... did u bake at 3am???
  6. SUPER Like ur drawers configurations.. Exactly the same tots as me.. my top drawers will be about 150cm and the rest will be taller..
  7. Hi Jiawen, wanted to PM u to ask u something, but ur inbox is full, can clear so tat I can msg u? Thanks
  8. Wow! Tatz a super detailed information about the BLUM, hinges and runners.. Will check and share with the selected ID and make sure at least 2 drawers can hold up to 40kg.. and the need to have good hinges and runners for the rest. Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge with me..
  9. Thanks for the great advice here.. Is urs BLUM runners too? I find BLUM is overrated n overpriced due to branding.. Though m not v sure if in terms of quality they r better runners in the mkt..