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  1. Is that an Amazon speaker (Echo?) or Google wifi on your MBR desk?
  2. Thank you very much KS. Will go to the hardware store to hunt for this.
  3. Hi KS, to me, you are very good in DIY stuff. May I ask you what would you do/use to effectively polish surfaces (e.g. shower bar, bathroom accessories such as towel hook etc.) that have lost its shine over time? Thank you so much in advance!
  4. Thank you KS for the Mi Robot unboxing. Product looks nice! So well packed! Would be very interested to hear your review after using the product. I was told that Ecovacs is also another popular brand in China?
  5. Hi Nana, can you PM me Dome's contact? Have intention of buying a new TV soon. Trustworthy installer very important to me. May I know what other jobs can Dome do (e.g. locksmith)? Thanks for your help in advance! :-)
  6. Very nice TB hoots ... *LIKE* ... You really know how to "hunt" for good stuffs (even wall tiles)!
  7. Wow! Huge 5A! May I know where is your area? Thanks.
  8. Hi, Would like to check with everyone here if you have/had ever shipped a big bulky item from USA to SIN via SEA (not AIR) freight. If yes, what is the experience like? Which forwarder company did you use? Many thanks to feedback if any. :-)
  9. Hi bro Kim, I cannot remember reading this in your blog ... may I ask if you had bought or had considered buying a home theatre (HD) projector for your home use? If yes, any brands to recommend? Thanks.
  10. Hi kimsim, may I know where in JB did you buy the Nippon Momento Paints? It is definitely cheaper than in Singapore (about the same price but in SGD). :-( I am sure the shop in JB also sell other Nippon Paint (normal) product lines? Thanks to advise.
  11. Hi Ocean11, Thanks for sharing the TB & TM payment and shipping procedure. May I ask if we are to use Amcon, we have to fulfill minimum 1CBM? The "danger" of this is that we have to "force" ourselves to consolidate and buy many things (some things which may not be needed, which could turn into white elephants later on?). I think Amcon is good during reno stage? In the case of small items (e.g. post reno stage or just casual online shopping that cannot reach 1CBM), which agent/forwarder would you likely to use or recommend? Thanks.
  12. Hi Vic, back to the LG Roboking ... do you need to pay the 7% GST upon receipt of the delivery? Read one of the reviews in Qoo10 as follows: Tax invoice from FedEx was send to me Was indicating free delivery, but a tax invoice was send to my place. Very disappointed with this purchase, GST was not included in the price, thus need to add 7% GST plus $10 advance fee to the item before purchase. My worse purchase online experience. But I do not see majority of the Qoo10 buyers complaining having to pay the tax invoice. So it is like a "random taxing" thing? Thanks to confirm!
  13. Hi Marcel, may you share where is this "reno heaven" in BKK? I remembered I went to a similar Home Depot style mega store in BKK (near one of the MRT stations) but I cannot remember the name already. Thanks!