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  2. Hi Jerome, Please quote for: Samsung UA55F6300 Panasonic NA107VC4WSG Panasonic NA148VG3WSG
  3. xiaohuiis, can share with me the taobao link and cost of the Craft bricks? I'm interested to get it too!
  4. Hi all, I just bumped into this thread because I was looking for information on taobao too! Can I join the whatsapp groupchat too?
  5. Hi, Can I have quotation for System 2 (for 2 bedrooms)? If I do not use the aircon often, is it better to get non inverter? Can you please advise the pros and cons, and price diff of non inverter vs inverter for my case? Thanks!
  6. Hi SuperMama, Can you PM me your ID's contact and quote as well? More business knocking on his door! hehehe..
  7. Thanks nerrard. Have you done this before in your house? Any photos for reference will be helpful =)
  8. Hi forummers, Can anyone give any advice to the options for lightings and 'hiding/beautifying' wire tracks or other trunkings that I can have if I do not want a false ceiling or L box? I hope to preserve my ceiling height and also save some money from not building the false ceiling/L box... So far, I think for lightings wise, I can only opt for track lighting? Is it that with track lightings, no 'wire trails' will be exposed except for the track?? And anyone has had any innovative solutions to my problem? Sorry for asking silly questions .... not sure if they are totally irrelevant because I really have no idea what I can do or cannot do. Just starting to do some research for my renovations now...and feeling like a headless housefly...
  9. Hi, For the dowel leg chair, is it $75 for 1 or 2 chairs? Is it still available?