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  1. Hi Cynthia, can share the links for your carpet? Thanks.
  2. My MBR is similar to yours in terms of size. Due to superstitions, my TV (42 inch ) is hidden in the wardrobe. And you will definitely need to customise bed frame to maximise walking space. The wardrobe area in front of the bed, you will need drawers because you definitely can't bend down to access the bottom.
  3. Sorry, I might have given the wrong info. Peeka is the one that charges 10%, 65Daigou rate should be around the same. But they always have promotion and I bought it during the period where they waived the agent fee. What I mentioned is the agent fee/commission for purchasing on TB, not the shipping fee to Singapore. Shipping fee to Singapore, I believe May is cheaper for larger items.
  4. Can share Vincent's contact and quote as well? Does he do blinds?
  5. How I split my TB purchase is that smaller and cheaper items, I went with 65Daigou and larger and more expensive items I went with May because May is charging RMB50 per link, some items I am purchasing doesn't even add up to RMB50. For 65Daigou, it's a percentage (10%?) of the item's cost, therefore for cheaper and less bulky items, I used 65Daigou. In terms of customer service, May is a one woman show, so anything can negotiate with her. For 65Daigou, they are more enterprise like, so there are protocols to follow in terms of escalation. I didn't have to follow-up with May after delivery because everything was okay. For 65Daigou, one of my item was damaged during shipping and I emailed the customer service regarding this issue and saying I needed the item urgently for renovations, they checked with the seller and shipped out the spare part via express air for free. Took less than a week from the time I emailed them to receiving the replacement. Was quite impressed.
  6. Can share the contact for your blinds?
  7. No one bought switches from Taobao? I found the model I wanted and it was 50% off the price you see locally!
  8. Where did you buy your sofa? I'm interested in the white one at the corner of your first picture.
  9. I got this and realised a con. If you are looking for something discreet, this will add more depth to your table or wherever you install it. For traditional sockets, you only have your plug sticking out. For this system, you need to have an adapter then your plug, so it adds more space/clearance required. However if you are really good with cutting up wires and joining them, they have some adapter available for you to modify on your own plug which will not add to the space/clearance. But after the mod, the device can only be plugged into their tracks.
  10. Mine took more than 2.5 weeks before they inform me that they are shipping the items over despite the items are in stock. After that, it only took like 0.5 weeks for it to arrive at my doorstep.
  11. I am just worried about the time for the seller to deliver to the forwarder.
  12. Thanks!! Btw how's the quality of the chairs? Sturdy? My brother got one locally, the handle broke off within a week.
  13. You got everything from Poh Joo? Can share how much was the Elkay undermount sink and your common toilet sink? Thinking of getting from TB but not sure how long it will take.