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  1. Thats so true and those spaces when added with moisture and our humid weather its just the best environment for molds
  2. The picture seems to show trunkings, you should be able to get them at most hardware shops
  3. From the looks of it, it seems without pelmet
  4. I think also depends on the types of tiles, like for example marble tend to get dirty much easier, but i do think moisture and maybe humidity does play a part on how we need to maintain our tiles
  5. I think probably click vinyl is easy to install and uninstall, makes it easy to change any future designs you want
  6. There is 2 kinds of polishing right? I remember reading about it somewhere before actually
  7. Nowadays, grouts got many colours already, no longer the standard white or grey
  8. amazon for for zipper drop sheet would be the best bet
  9. Yes it can, especially in the kitchen for your table top better to recondition semi regularly
  10. Seems quite normal to me, not overkill at all
  11. Its mould cause by excessive moisture You can use something called HCL89. Its strong enough to clean the mould as well as kill it I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com One thing i like about it is that is creates a protection like on my wall so that it prevents future mould or etc Hope this helps you out
  12. Most hardware shops would have this in variable lengths and sizes
  13. Can try Jalan Besar, near the plywood factories, got some of them dealing in these, also can try sungei kadut metal works
  14. Pardon my ignorance but what is Hip ??
  15. Actually how do you tell if a certain cement is used is low quality cement? Is there a way to tell by looking at it?
  16. But would not steam damage those that have homogeneous or marble tiles?
  17. Bleach is corrosive, better not use it on homogeneous tiles